Fluoride, Toothpaste and the A-Bomb

Pollution, Pollution, You can use the latest toothpaste And then wash out your mouth With industrial waste. When Harvard professor and humorist Tom Lehrer penned those lines in 1965, he probably had n...

Gar Smith

Not a Pretty Picture

More than 500 cosmetics sold in the United States contain chemicals banned from beauty products in Europe, Canada, and Japan.
A proposed law aims to change that.

Noelle Robbins

Caution: Wide Load

For more than 40 years, Linwood Laughy and his wife Borg Hendrickson have lived on Highway 12, two miles from Kooskia, Idaho, the last stop on the two-lane highway before it winds deep into the Clearw...

Gabriel Furshong

A Child of Dystopia Reads Ecotopia

Ecotopia: The Novel of Your Future
by Ernest Callenbach
181 pages, Bantam New Age Book, 1975

Brian Smith

Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters

Save the Whales! … And the Frogs and Fish!


If You Save It, Will They Come?

China’s New Parks

Mike Ives

Gas Attack? … Or Friendly Fire?

At first, some environmentalists saw the natural gas boom as a way to promote a relatively carbon-light “bridge fuel” that would take us from dirty coal to clean renewables. Then concerns surfaced...


Still Crazy After All These Years

It was 35 years ago that I learned, first-hand, about the negative externalities of American driving. My friend and boss, Lonnie Light, and I were working in the West Texas oil patch when we had to go...

Randy Salzman

Sacred Land Film Project

Notes from Hallowed Ground


Chris Jordan

Running the Numbers


Natural Gas: A Bridge to Nowhere

As program director at Rainforest Action Network, Jennifer Krill helped lead campaigns to protect old growth forests and break America’s oil addiction. She is currently the executive director of EAR...

Jennifer Krill

Can’t Find My Way Home

You Are Here: Why We Can Find Our Way to the Moon, but Get Lost in the Mall
by Colin Ellard
336 pages, Doubleday, 2009

Adam Federman

International Marine Mammal Project

Sting Supports the Dolphins

Mark J. Palmer

Crude Conundrum

Canada’s Tar Sands Are Dirty, Dangerous … and Managed by Awfully Nice Folks. Does that Make them Ethically Just?

Jason Mark

Ally Renewables with Natural Gas

Richard Ward is director of energy initiatives at the Aspen Science Center and senior energy advisor to the UN Foundation’s Energy Future Coalition. Ward was previously with Royal Dutch Shell, where...

Richard Ward

Don’t Blame Canada

I’ve always been surprised that so many environmentalists, typically found on the political left, are such stalwart believers in the conservative doctrine of supply-side economics. For proof, just l...

Jason Mark

Brower Youth Awards

New Book Offers a Roadmap for Change Makers


Fighting Spirit

Given the threat they pose to regional water and air quality and their especially heavy carbon footprint, the tar sands mines have attracted the ire of a broad range of environmental groups. ForestEth...

Jocelyn Edwards

Janine Benyus

In the 1990s, Janine Benyus, a natural sciences writer and the author of several wilderness guides, began to pay close attention to how various organisms adapted to the ecosystems around them. That le...

Amy Westervelt

Letters & Emails

Action Packed I liked the “What You Can Do” inserts in earlier editions of the magazine. While I still enjoy the articles in the Journal, I miss the boxes urging readers to take some action. I did...


Plastic Pollution Coalition

Information Recycled, Reused, and Improved


After the Gold Rush?

The newest outpost of the global petroleum race is not far from the middle of nowhere. Two hours north of Edmonton the ranches and farms suddenly surrender to the vastness of Canada’s boreal forest ...

Jason Mark

Riding the Long Wave

A writer paddles the Salish Sea and ponders the impacts of our society’s short attention span.

Kurt Hoelting

Local News from All Over

Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America Africa Drop in the Bucket Kalahari Bushmen have reason to rejoice. An appeals court in Botswana has ruled that the Indigenous dwellers of one of ...


Serengeti Watch

Safeguarding the Great Migration


Tunnel Vision

Oil companies are determined to build two massive new pipelines to transport crude from the tar sands. Local activists, concerned about spills and water quality, have geared up to fight them.

Ron Johnson

Drowning Academic Freedom

Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story
Written, Produced, and Directed by Larkin McPhee

Jacob Wheeler

Notes from a Warming World

Fish – Fried Say goodbye to fish ‘n’ chips. Climate change could make the seas around Scandinavia too warm for Atlantic cod, and already some fishermen in northern seas are witnessing declines i...


New Projects

Earth Island Institute welcomes two more new projects to our ever-growing family. Changing Gears Bike Shop Changing Gears offers used bicycle sales, full-service repairs, paid job training for formerl...


New Frontiers for Black Gold

Extracting oil from tar sands is technically difficult, environmentally destructive, and expensive. It’s also lucrative. No surprise, then, that countries around the world are sizing up their own ta...

Ron Johnson

Movements Beyond Movements

Journal Bookshelf

Jason Mark