Buffalo Suspect May Be Latest Mass Shooter Motivated by ‘Eco-Fascism’

Suspect allegedly calls himself an ‘eco-fascist’ and blames migration for harm to the environment in document posted online.

Oliver Milman The Guardian

The Parliament of Spiders and Worms

On an otherwise unremarkable lot in Berlin, a radical experiment bestows all organisms with equal rights.

Inga Dreyer and David Schmidt

On Demand and Services, with Economist Joyashree Roy

IPCC Mitigation Report 2022 — Part 5

Amy Westervelt

Behind the Scenes of the IPCC: A Deep Dive into the Earth Negotiations Bulletin

IPCC Mitigation Report — Part Four

Amy Westervelt

Fish Can Talk But It’s Getting Harder for Them to Hear

New research points to the importance of sound for thousands of fish species, raises concerns about impact of noise pollution.

Claire Hamlett

Scientists in Antarctica Discover a Vast, Salty Groundwater System Under the Ice Sheet

Finding could change our understanding of how the ice flows, with important implications for estimating future sea level rise.

Matthew Siegfried and Chloe Gustafson

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Spring 2022

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‘Forever Chemicals’ May Have Polluted 20 million Acres of US Cropland, Study Says

Environmental advocates point to lack of regulation regarding use of PFAS-tainted sewage sludge as fertilizer.

Tom Perkins The Guardian

My Encounters with a Trapped Coyote

It’s time to end inhumane wildlife trapping on public lands.

Nikki Kolb

Treaties Protecting Fossil Fuel Investors Could Jeopardize Global Efforts to Save the Climate

As countries try to reduce emissions, these agreements could leave the public facing overwhelming legal and financial risks.

Rachel Thrasher, Blake Alexander Simmons, and Kyla Tienhaara

Bioenergy and Geoengineering in California: Threats and Community Resistance

A lawyer and an Indigenous activist weigh in some of the false climate solutions being pushed forward in California and the Arctic.

Gary Graham Hughes KPFA - Terra Verde

Return of the Moose

The Adirondacks region is welcoming back the stately woodland mammal, but sightings continue to be elusive.

John Soltes

The Oil and Gas Industry Is Trying to Hold US Public Schools Hostage

Fossil fuel interest groups are telling New Mexicans: Let us keep drilling or the state’s education system will collapse.

Leanna First-Arai The Guardian

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