Poisoned Valley
Six years on, tens of thousands of Angelenos continue to suffer from the fallout of the worst gas blowout in US history.
Maureen Nandini Mitra
Talking Points: Autumn 2021

News in Brief

Journal Staff

The Engineered Earth

In Review: Second Nature: Scenes from a World Remade by Nathaniel Rich

Michael Engelhard

The Computer Chip Industry Has a Dirty Climate Secret

As demand for chips surges, the semicondutor industry is trying to grapple with its huge carbon foot print.

Pádraig Belton The Guardian

Poisoned City

A London-based mining company polluted an Indian port city for decades before a mass-shooting forced its smelter to shut down. Local activists like fatima babu are fighting to keep it closed.

Colin Daileda

A Matter of Spirits

A passionate group of farmers, distillers, and bartenders across the US and beyond are seeking to reduce the environmental footprint of alcoholic beverages.

Shanna Farrell

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Autumn 2021

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Activists Stand Guard Over California Redwoods Amid Logging Threat

So far, tree-sitters have foiled recent logging plans in Jackson Demonstration State Forest. But they are calling for long-term protections.

Austin Price

The Dixie Fire and Me

Can My Town Rebuild After Losing It All?

Jane Braxton Little

Here All Along

Women’s contributions to the seafood industry are often overlooked. Can small scale aquaculture change that?

Kate Olson Images by Greta Rybus

Thirsty for Justice

Susana De Anda is on a mission to bring clean and affordable water to every Californian.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

Standing Up to Oil and Gas Bullies

I had a ringside seat to the beginning of the fracking boom and it wasn’t pretty.

Sharon Wilson

“Last on a List of Priorities”

A veteran photographer and conservationist discusses the challenges of nature protection in Russia.

Alexander Dybin

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