Bill to Ban Wildlife Killing Contests on Public Lands Needs Support

The Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act of 2022 would save thousands of animals from cruel bloodsport.

Camilla Fox and Michelle Lute of Project Coyote

Supreme Court Rules against EPA, Hobbles Government Power to Limit Emissions

Court sides with Republican states as ruling represents landmark moment in rightwing effort to dismantle ‘regulatory state.’

Oliver Milman The Guardian

Not Just a Pretty Picture

Mandy Barker’s beautiful images reveal a shocking truth about our disposable lifestyles.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

Feeding Insects to Cattle Could Make Meat and Milk Production More Sustainable

Adding black soldier fly larvae to cattle feed can reduce the amount of methane cows produce, research shows.

Merritt Drewery

Tech to the Rescue?

New technologies are helping investigators track down wildlife traffickers and poachers, but they also raise some troubling ethical concerns.

Eric Freedman

A Park of Contradictions

In Review: Saving Yellowstone: Exploration and Preservation in Reconstruction America

Elisa Shoenberger

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Summer 2022

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Avocado Farms Dry Up Water Resources in Mexico

Rich tradition of cultivating and collecting medicinal plants in Michoacán state is at risk as Indigenous community loses access to water.

Monica Pelliccia

We Should Reframe the Climate Discourse

The biggest challenge of our times could be “framed as us trying to create something beautiful,” says climber Alex Honnold.

Jonathan Shipley


What are we hurting when we take something from nature home?

Paula Carter

Love Notes

By sharing our love of Nature, we can call each other into a better relationship with the Earth and with each other.

Carolyn Finney

Satellites Zoom in on Cities’ Hottest Neighborhoods

Local governments can use data to help combat the urban heat island effect.

Daniel P. Johnson

Seeds to the People

Access to nutrient-dense, local food starts with access to locally grown seeds.

Rhianna Simes

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