Amid Pledges to Reverse Deforestation, DRC Auctioning Oil Blocks in Protected Areas

At the same time, Indigenous tribes are being violently expelled from their land in the name of conservation, report says.

Rebecca George

Textile Company Misled Regulators about Use of Toxic PFAS, Documents Show

Thousands more New Hampshire residents may be drinking tainted water in a region plagued by health problems thought to stem from PFAS pollution.

Tom Perkins The Guardian

Past the Salt

In San Francisco's salty South Bay, an ambitious wetlands restoration project is attempting to balance a return to the ecological past with the realities of a changing future.

Skylar Knight Photographs by joSon

Fast Fashion’s Dumping Problem

The industry has long come under fire for tossing unsold clothing. Is it finally evolving?

Cameya Martin

Call for Hippos to Join List of World’s Most Endangered Animals

New classification would mean a total ban on international trade in the animal’s body parts, as climate crisis and poaching hit populations.

Patrick Greenfield The Guardian

Fishing Gear Are Killing North Atlantic Right Whales. A Slew of Federal Bills and Rules Seek to Protect Them.

Fewer than 350 of these critically endangered cetaceans remain and they are dying at faster rates than they can reproduce.

Charles Pekow

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What Is ‘Renewable Gas’ and Is it Really Just Around the Corner?

The green gas nirvana touted by industry is hydrogen made using renewable energy and biomethane produced from organic waste — and it’s decades away.

Graham Readfearn The Guardian

Activists Surprised and Relieved at Manchin’s Decision to Back Climate Bill

If passed, it will be the biggest and arguably first piece of climate legislation ever enacted by the US.

Oliver Milman The Guardian

Finding Beauty and Rebirth in Burned Giant Sequoia Groves

Moderate- to high-intensity fire in the backcountry is not something to be feared. It is a process that breathes new life into our forest ecosystems.

MarieClaire Egbert Jennifer Mamola

Southern Ministers Are Trying to Change Minds about the Climate Crisis

Faith leaders in the skeptical south are working to persuade their congregations that climate action is a Christian duty.

Emily Cataneo The Guardian

Massive Drilling Project Could Put Africa’s Okavango Delta at Risk

Activists point to potential impacts of oil exploration on UNESCO World Heritage Site, lack of consultation with local Indigenous communities.

Khonani Ontebetse

In the Wilderness, Time is Held in a Different Way

When we quiet our modern minds, and we listen with our bodies, we can touch the mystery that is held in this Earth.

Charlotte Du Cann

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