Make Ecocide an International Crime and Other Legal Ideas to Help Save the Planet

A list of the five most promising legal steps we can take to help fight climate change.

Steven Donziger The Guardian

Jamaica’s ‘Cockpit Country’ Faces Growing Threats from Mining Interests

The island nation’s government has begun granting mining leases in its rare limestone karst rainforest.

Gladstone Taylor

The Good and the Bad of California’s New Climate Plan

Over-reliance on technofixes exacerbates pollution in frontline communities and undermines California’s climate leadership, say critics.

Maureen Nandini Mitra KPFA - Terra Verde

On Grief and Celestial Bodies

In Review: An Orchid Astronomy​

ER Zarevich

Africa’s ‘Fossil Fallacy’ Will Devastate Climate, Wreck Communities, Says Report

“The ‘dash for gas’ is nothing more than a short-sighted strategy to profit from the energy crisis.”

Christopher Bonasia

Saving the Dragon’s Blood

Facing a range of threats, from droughts and storms to goats and war, these iconic trees are staging a patient comeback.

Jess Craig

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Autumn 2022

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In Illinois, a Model for a Just Transition From Coal to Solar

The passage of a new law has made the state a powerful new player in the renewable energy industry.

Jennifer Clare Ball

Pushing Schools to be Carbon-Neutral

Annika Webber, one of this year's Brower Youth Award winners, believes in combining youth passion with adult experience.

Fiona McLeod KPFA - Terra Verde

Could Barbados Blueprint be a Marshall Plan for the Climate Crisis?

Mia Mottley, the prime minister of Barbados, is devising a debt relief and loan blueprint targeting the International Monetary Fund.

Ashish Ghadiali The Guardian

Where Molecular Biology Meets the ‘Wood Wide Web’

Kabir Peay uses genetic sequencing tools to map the ‘grossly understudied’ world of fungal interactions.

Leah Campbell

US midterms Cast a Long Shadow Over Cop27

Some fear the outcome of the 8 November elections might derail US leadership on the global climate crisis.

Oliver Milman The Guardian

Landfill Haunts Napa Watershed and San Francisco Bay

Clover Flat Landfill is facing a federal lawsuit claiming that it discharged polluted stormwater in violation of the Clean Water Act.

Gary Graham Hughes KPFA - Terra Verde

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