Turning Things Around on a Warming Planet

Netflix’s newest documentary featuring Britain’s most famous natural history filmmaker explores the causes of and solutions to the climate crisis.

Ed Rampell

A Woman Named Eunice Foote Documented Physics of Climate Change in 1800s

A rare female scientist in her time, Foote explicitly warned about the basic science. Why haven’t we listened more closely?

Sylvia G. Dee

Drought and Fire Are Pushing Australia’s Platypus to the Brink

Ecologists are racing to gather data on the curious monotremes as climate threat looms large.

John Pickrell

Salmon Nearly Boiled Alive in Pacific Northwest Heatwave Captured on Video

A conservation group recorded the video in the Columbia River on a day when water temperatures breached 70F.

Hallie Golden The Guardian

Fishing for the Future

In Sinaloa, Mexico, fishers are pairing up with researchers to monitor sea turtle populations and reduce bycatch.

Keegan Sentner

Placer Gold Mining a Major Threat to Russia’s Rivers

Russian activists seeking to protect local waterways can learn a few lessons from their cross-border counterparts in China and Mongolia.

Eugene Simonov

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Summer 2021

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What’s in Wildfire Smoke?

As the US West burns once again, a toxicologist explains the health risks and how to protect yourself.

Luke Montrose

Deadly Disease Outbreak in Breeder Deer Threaten Texas’ 3.9 Million Whitetails

State wildlife dept’s approach to containing Chronic Wasting Disease inadequate, say conservationists.

James William Gibson

How Animals Die in America

We need federally mandated product labels that disclose how goods cause animal suffering or death.

Timothy DeLizza

We Need a Deep Green New Deal

Progressive green policy should consider the true social, labor, and ecological injustices of ceaseless economic growth.

Don Fitz

To Save the Rainforest, Think Like the Rainforest

The wisdom of how the forest regenerates its resources may save the forest, uplift smallholder farmers, and help fix the climate crisis.

Trevor Decker Cohen

Biden Expands Protections for Tongass National Forest

Environmentalists hail move, ask president to protect all mature forests in the US as a strategic carbon reserve.

Journal Staff

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