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IslandWire: 11 July, 2019

Pushing for an End to Whale and Dolphin Hunts in Japan

photo of a whale underwater

Japan’s decision last year to leave the International Whaling Commission — the global body tasked with conserving whales and managing whaling — brought both good and bad news for whales. On the positive side, the decision signaled the end of the country’s “research” oriented hunts in Antarctica and may mean the termination of government subsidies for the whaling industry. On the other hand, Japan has officially resumed commercial whale hunting in its own waters, despite declining demand for whale meat. The International Marine Mammal Project is working to end these hunts. The Earth Island project plans to leverage media coverage of Japan around the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo to draw attention to this important issue and to urge the Japanese government to permanently end whaling and dolphin killing.  Learn more.

photo of a water fountain

Ditching Plastic Bottles in San Francisco

1000 Fountains just launched a pledge campaign to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles and promote building 1,000 drinking fountains in San Francisco. The goal of the campaign is to show San Francisco city leaders that this is something San Franciscans want because they are invested in reducing plastic pollution. The Earth Island project welcomes donations, but what’s most important at this time is to convince elected officials to act. Pledge your support today, and join 1000 Fountains on Facebook and Instagram. They need your support!

photo of a young people

Raising Youth Voices Through Poetry

Earth Island’s New Leaders Initiative co-hosted a youth poetry slam in June in collaboration with Youth Impact Hub and New Voices Are Rising, a program of the Rose Foundation. Some 60 youth and 15 poets shared their pieces about fighting coal in West Oakland, air and water pollution, animal welfare, and race and police brutality. The “Raising Our Voices” event was held at SoleSpace in downtown Oakland and featured a youth DJ and two youth emcees. New Leaders Initiative co-hosts multiple events for San Francisco Bay Area youth throughout the year. Learn more about past events and stay tuned for upcoming ones like the Brower Youth Awards in October.

photo of people shaking hands

Celebrating a Successful Chilkat Challenge Triathlon

Alaska Clean Water Advocacy  hosted the third Annual Chilkat Challenge Triathlon last weekend to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the Chilkat River. Racers from Alaska, Canada, Washington, and Colorado paddled 8.5 miles down the Chilkat River, rode bikes 21 miles down the Haines Highway, and ran 9.5 miles alongside the river to finish the race in Chilkat State Park. Great prizes from Patagonia, REI, and many local and regional outfitters, and a wonderful post-race dinner and party, made for a great time. Learn more, and get ready for the 2020 race — registration opens in November!

photo of a young person at a march

Seeding Sovereignty Joins Two Spirit Contingent at LA Pride Parade

Last month Seeding Sovereignty was invited to participate in the Two Spirit (2S) contingent of the LA Pride Parade and was welcomed onto Tongva territory in what is now known as Los Angeles by queer Indigenous elders. The collective documented the 2S contingent and has shared a video sharing the experience and supporting Indigenous 2S/LGBTQIA+ folks as part of an effort to raise funds for Indigenous queer youth internships. The video was made with support from relatives and allies who came with love not only from the 2S/LGBTQIA+ community, but from across so-called California and greater Turtle Island.

photo of plastic trash

Hear from Plastic Free July Founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

Join Plastic Pollution Coalition and millions of people across the world by participating in Plastic Free July, a global movement dedicated to refusing single-use plastic. Plastic Pollution Coalition members and potential members are welcome to join the Earth Island project for lunch meetings in Berkeley and Los Angeles this month featuring Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder and executive director of the Plastic Free Foundation and founder of the Plastic Free July challenge. Learn more and RSVP to the July 17 event in Los Angeles.  Learn more and RSVP to the July 19 event in Berkeley.

photo of children outdoors

KIDS for the BAY Inspires Next Generation of Environmentalists

KIDS for the BAY’s summer camp is off to a great start! Campers are having tons of fun with hands-on science, nature games, outdoor adventures, and more. During an environmental action project to restore Strawberry Creek in Berkeley, CA, seven-year-old Momo, exclaimed, “I want to be a conservationist when I grow up!” KIDS for the BAY programs continue to connect children with nature and foster a love of science in the next generation of inspired environmentalists. The Earth Island project is also excited to have been voted Best Nature and Outdoor Summer Camp by the BEST of the Bay Parents Press Award for the second year in a row. Learn more and register.

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photo of a hydroponic operation

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