Activists Push to Make Ecocide an International Crime

Movement aims to make destruction of ecosystems an international crime against peace.

Ramon Antonio Vargas The Guardian

Seeing the River

Protecting ourselves from knowledge of the damage we have caused does not protect either the people or the places that we love.

Nicholas Crane Moore

Freshly Greenwashed, Big Oil Meets to Talk Net Zero

Brussels summit comes on the back of new revelations about how top fossil fuel companies mislead the public and obstruct climate action.

Andy Rowell

Opponents of Nevada Lithium Mine Take New Approach

Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Requests ‘National Historic’ status for the Thacker Pass.

Margo Rosenbaum

Rightwing US Lobbyists Helped Craft Slew of Anti-Protest Fossil Fuel Bills

Legislation drafted by Alec part of backlash against Indigenous communities and environmentalists opposing oil and gas projects.

Nina Lakhani The Guardian

Can Machines Help Us Understand Orcas?

How researchers are decoding the culture of killer whales.

Kimberley Graham

Agrihoods Promise Fresh Food and Community. But Can They Add Equity?

Neighborhoods centered around farms can address fundamental food system challenges. But they need to be more inclusive.

Greta Moran

There’s Quite a Bit of Bad Gardening Advice on Social Media

Not everyone on the Internet has a green thumb.

Nick Goltz

Pesticides Are Killing India’s Farmers

Most farmers in India face an impossible choice between using agricultural chemicals that make them sick or risking crop failure.

Nishant Saini

For the First Time, Camera Station Documents a Pacific Marten in Olympic National Forest

Only two dozen sightings of this rare native carnivore have been confirmed on the Olympic Peninsula in the last half century.

Gigi Allianic

Canadian LNG is ‘Not the Answer’ to EU’s Energy Crisis

The gas industry's plans to expand extraction in the guise of 'helping Europe wean itself off Russian gas' could backfire, warn watchdog groups.

Andy Rowell

Fog Collectors Are Providing Trees with Water in Spain

Scientists in the Canary Islands and Portugal are collecting water from fog to enable reforestation of degraded landscapes.

Stephen Burgen The Guardian

Can Loreto Plan for a Future Without Oil?

The oil industry spurred the growth of the Loreto region and its capital city Iquitos, Peru’s largest Amazonian city. Now the region needs to plan for the post-oil era.

Barbara Fraser

Locals Are Fighting Plans for a Lithium Mine in the Spanish Countryside

The conflict is one of several in western Spain, as companies eye the region amid a green energy boom.

Jose A Cano Stefano Nicoli

Anglo-French Oil Firm Threatens Amazon Reserve for Isolated Indigenous People

Perenco sues Peru government for repeal of law that offers recognition to proposed Napo-Tigre reserve.

Arthur Nelsen The Guardian

A Fuel Leak at a Naval Facility is Helping Spur the Hawai‘ian Sovereignty Movement

The November 2021 spill serves as a reminder of the impacts of Hawai'i's annexation on the people and environment of the island chain.

Cole Hersey