Is Spanish Basque Country a Model for a Sustainable Future?

Things aren't working out the way many of us hoped. But we could learn something from this small entrepreneurial nation.

Bruce Rich

Jakarta Residents Sue Government After Historic Flooding

New Year's Eve rain was highest for a single day since records began in 1996.

Andy Rowell

Unprecedented Fires Are Transforming Unique Australian Ecosystems

The Gondwana Rainforests were meant to be protected in perpetuity. They are among the areas that have recently burned.

Georgina Woods

Can Air Purifiers in Schools Improve Academic Performance?

After purifiers were installed in southern California classrooms following a gas leak, students saw gains on math and English tests.

Mario Koran The Guardian

Marine Fog Brings Mercury Pollution to California Mountain Lions

Potent neurotoxin joins the growing list of threats these apex predators face.

Austin Price

Bay Area City Embroiled in Battle over Coal Export Ban

Proposed ordinance to ban coal and petcoke handling has put the City of Richmond on the frontlines of the fight for environmental justice and climate action.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

How Volunteers and Radio Tags Are Helping Protect Scotland’s Bats

Citizens are increasingly interested in seeing bat populations, and the habitats they rely on, thrive.

Victoria-Lynn Bell

Engaging Young Conservationists in the Classroom

'In addition to bringing students to nature, we should bring nature to students.'

Bill Tong

Irish Data Center Boom Is Complicating Country’s Climate Efforts

Surge in data processing industry will increase already high carbon emissions.

Rory Carroll The Guardian

Life at the End of the National Food Chain

Sitka, Alaska, offsets food insecurity through farming, fishing, and foraging — and an uncommon sense of community.

Mark Winne

Preserving Our Urban and Rural Wilds for the Next Generation

In Review: Irreplaceable: The fight to save our wild places.
Julian Hoffman
Penguin Books, 2019, 416 pages

Sarah Boon

Tens of Thousands Stranded While Attempting to Flee Australia Fires

Prime Minister Scott Morrison urges patience, deflects criticism about his government’s policies to address climate change.

Ben Smee and Luke Henriques-Gomes The Guardian

The Paradox Embedded in Extinction Rebellion’s Appeal

The movement’s call for political diversity is inevitably, and almost uniformly, answered by liberals.

Luke Buffini

Mourning a Land Caught in the Crosshairs of Climate Disruption

Many Alaskans are living in a chronic state of shock and sorrow as things unravel around them at warp speed.

Dahr Jamail

All I Want From Amazon This Holiday

A “bold rather than timid investment decision” to speak up for the trees.

Melina Sempill Watts

At the Mexican Border, the Battle for Endangered Species is as Much About Water as About The Wall

Trump’s border wall construction is blocking transboundary migration of wildlife to water holes, and depleting aquifers.

Gary Paul Nabhan