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Bioenergy and Geoengineering in California: Threats and Community Resistance

A lawyer and an Indigenous activist weigh in some of the false climate solutions being pushed forward in California and the Arctic.

Gary Graham Hughes KPFA - Terra Verde

Digging into the 150-Year-Old Hardrock Mining Law

Out-of-date regulations allow the mining industry to operate at great expense to the environment and communities.

Zoe Loftus-Farren KPFA - Terra Verde

Pomo Land Back Campaign Holds Powerful Rally at California Capitol

Campaigners push for protection of Mendocino County's Jackson Demonstration State Forest as part of fight for Indigenous sovereignty.

Gary Graham Hughes KPFA - Terra Verde

California’s Fight for Solar Power

Reacting to pressure from the utilities, state officials have proposed major cuts to the net-metering program along with a tax on solar panels.

Fiona McLeod KPFA - Terra Verde