Republication Guidelines

Our core mission at the Journal is to educate the public about environmental issues, so we are always happy to have other news outlets republish our work. Please follow the guidelines below when republishing any of our stories either online or in print.

  • Include the author’s byline and bio. Their byline should appear at the top of the story.
  • Credit Earth Island Journal. We prefer that the following language be included at the top of the story, with a link to our website when republishing online: “This story originally appeared in Earth Island Journal.”
  • Don’t make any substantial edits to the story, though you may change references to time to maintain accuracy and make small edits for house style. The story must be republished in full. If you are republishing online, please also include any links embedded within the story.
  • Do not sell our stories or use our material to solicit donations.
  • Not all of our images are available for republication. You must confirm whether images are available under creative commons licensing before republishing them. We try whenever possible to include links to image sources, which should facilitate this. If you have a question about a specific photograph or illustration, please feel free to ask.
  • Please let us know if you republish our articles! This helps us track the reach and impact of our work. In the event that we have to issue a correction, it also allows us to reach out to you to let you know.
  • Please note: We have content-sharing agreements with several publications, not all of which make their articles available under creative commons licenses. Articles that include another outlet name in the byline or attribution line are not available for republication.