Earth Days

Directed by Robert Stone
American Experience, 100 minutes

Amy Westervelt

Ethical Traveler

World’s 10 Best Destinations


Animals Are Essential To Sustainable Food

As Senior Attorney at Waterkeeper Alliance, Nicolette Hahn Niman sought to improve conditions at livestock operations. Today she and her husband Bill, founder of Niman Ranch, raise grass-based cattle,...

Nicolette Hahn Niman

Subject to Debate

A funny thing happened on the way to Copenhagen. On the eve of the climate summit, Annie Leonard – the creator of the Internet phenomenon “The Story of Stuff” – threw a stink b...

Jason Mark

Project News

Earth Island Institute is proud to announce its two newest projects: Mongol Environmental Conservation is dedicated to bringing together stakeholders to protect the environment, natural resources, ...


There’s No Reason to Eat Animals

A vegetarian since her teenage years, Lindsay Rajt manages grassroots campaigns at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Rajt has coordinated campaigns targeting KFC’s “torture&rdqu...

Lindsay Rajt

Letters & E-mails

Say It ProudIn his essay about the growing “re-enchantment with nature” (“World of Wonder,” Winter), William Gibson is correct in arguing that this movement is key if we are to...



Campaign to Save Japan Dolphins Enters Critical Phase

Mark J. Palmer

Cash for Trash

Brazil’s Unemployed Catadores Keep Recycling Rates High while Earning Much-Needed Cash.

Michael Fox

Forward from Copenhagen

The Emissions Emergency Is a Crisis of Justice

Tom Athanasiou

Local News from All Over

AfricaAsia EuropeNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth AmericaAFRICAFair vs. Local“Food miles,” a term used to describe the distance food travels from farm to plate, may not be the best way to measure...


City of Cast-Offs

Jorge Lopez works shirtless among a mountain of wooden pallets along the cluttered banks of Tijuana’s swampy Arroyo Alamar. He stacks the best pallets to one side and busts others into boards, p...

Photos by Guillermo Arias Essay by William Hillyard

Dr. Jane Goodall

From a very early age, Jane Goodall showed a keen interest in observing animals. One day, when she was four, she spent hours crouching in a henhouse trying to see how a hen laid an egg. By the time sh...

Michael Shapiro

How Our Best Intentions Went Up in Smoke

Project Jatropha

Apoorva Rangan and Adarsha Shivakumar

Breathe … Not So Easy

Now that the EPA has defined carbon dioxide as a pollutant under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act, we should probably mutter “Beg pardon” whenever we respire. On average, an adult human...

Gar Smith

Landscape FX

Kim Keever


Silver Bullet or Tiny Terror?

Nanotechnology Promises and Perils…

Jessica A. Knoblauch

The Value of Nothing

How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy
by Raj Patel
250 pages, Picador Press, 2009

Jason Mark

Notes from a Warming World

Money MattersThe headlines hardly seemed news. At the beginning of the year, Greenwire and Reuters reported that nearly half of US money managers ignore climate risks when making investment decisions....


To Drill or Not to Drill

A Natural Gas Rush in the Northeast Is Forcing Farmers to Choose Between Income and Land.

Adam Federman

Heart of Dryness

by James Workman
323 pages, Walker Publishing, 2009

Kari Lydersen

Restoration Initiatives

Native Plant Propagation on a California Island


Rough Water

The Likely Removal of Four Dams on the Klamath River Will Mark the Largest Dam Decommissioning in History. An Unlikely Alliance of Farmers, Fishermen, Ranchers, and Indians Made It Happen.

Jacques Leslie


by Andrew Darby
300 pages, De Capo Press, 2007

Mark J. Palmer

China Rivers Project

Rafting Through Heaven


What’s for Dinner?