Earth Island project reports

Welcome to Sharon Smith, the new director of the Brower New Leaders Initiative. Sharon comes to Earth Island from the Rainforest Action Network, where she served as trainer, organizer, spokesperson, a...

EI Staff

No more Joshua trees?

Climate change may wipe out the signature tree of the Mojave.

Chris Clarke

Sustainable World Coalition

Progressives are often accused of focusing too much on the issues, winning a few battles but losing the war. For us, that’s the environment itself. Our current and relentlessly growing human numbers...

Vinit Allen

Ghosts under water

China’s Three Gorges Dam inundates a way of life.

Li Miao Lovett

Nature in the City

In addition to its natural beauty, San Francisco is well known for environmental activism, it is the headquarters to numerous Earth Island projects and other organizations on the cutting edge of globa...

Peter Brastow

Useless Arithmetic:

Why Environmental Scientists Can’t Predict the Future

Chris Clarke

SAVE International

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of SAVE International (Spoonbill Action Voluntary Echo). The organization was created in 1997 in response to the threat of the Binnan industrial co...

Sheila Dickie

Karen Steele

Tide turning against sea turtle protections?

Karen Steele

International Marine Mammal Project

Japanese supermarket bans dolphin meat On December 26, 2006, the director of food products for the Okuwa Supermarket Corporation, Mr. Yasunari Kanki, banned the sale of all dolphin meat in all of thei...

Mark J. Palmer

Japan Dolphin Day 2007

International Marine Mammal Project

Mark J. Palmer

Behind the mask

Militia gains support in oil-rich Niger Delta

Ike Okonta

International Marine Mammal Project

In Loving Memory of Gretchen Wyler

EI Staff

Leaving the Journal

I first came back to Earth Island Journal in April 2002. It’s been a long five years since then. The Bush administration has done more damage to the environment in six years than any other administr...

Chris Clarke

Growing it alone

Urban organic agriculture on the island of Cuba

Jason Mark

Nature in the City


Jason Halm

Storm of the century

Seattle’s record-breaking weather: A taste of things to come?

Paul Rogat Loeb