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Welcome to Sharon Smith, the new director of the Brower New Leaders Initiative. Sharon comes to Earth Island from the Rainforest Action Network, where she served as trainer, organizer, spokesperson, and internship co-ordinator. Sharon will be in charge of the Brower New Leaders Initiative, including applicant recruitment, promotion, management, and strategic growth of the Brower Youth Awards.

There are several new projects of Earth Island Institute. Eco-Island will work to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in the San Francisco Bay Area by making Angel Island State Park a showcase of proven green technologies that make cost-effective use of the abundant wind and solar resources of the region. Altai Project is a new project at Center for Safe Energy. The organization will strive to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the Altai, a uniquely diverse, mountainous region of southern Siberia. The mission of the Paradigm Café Network is to educate and mobilize the owners and customers of America’s neighborhood cafés toward reducing their community’s environmental impact and increasing environmental awareness and action in their local area.

Mangrove Action Project (MAP) has now become independent of Earth Island Institute. Since 1992, MAP has been dedicated to reversing the degradation of mangrove forest ecosystems worldwide by promoting the rights of local coastal peoples in the sustainable management of coastal environs. MAP will continue to do this important work. You can learn more about this organization by e-mailing

Join Baikal Watch and renowned photographer and author Boyd Norton for a special three-week ecotour to Lake Baikal this summer. Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake in the world, was recently recognized as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Situated in the southern steppes of Siberia, the lake is surrounded by mountain chains that form sheer walls thousands of feet high. Write to for the schedules of the various ecotours.

Sacred Land Film Project is celebrating a victory for Black Mesa! Facing strong opposition from Hopi and Navajo activists, the Salt River Project has dropped their plan to re-open the shuttered Mohave power plant, which would have also re-opened Peabody Coal’s Black Mesa stripmine and the destructive slurryline that transported the coal using huge quantities of precious, pristine underground water. Thanks to everyone who wrote comment letters on the Black Mesa draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Safe Food and Fertilizer needs your help to survey the levels of heavy metals in fertilizers for sale in the US. By participating in the “Detect and Protect” project of the Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured, you can inexpensively find out which of 26 heavy metals you’re being exposed to through your fertilizer and soil. For more information and to download an order form, visit and please be sure to copy Safe Food and Fertilizer on your results.

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