Down in the Depths

I have a confession to make: I don’t really like the ocean. It probably has something to do with growing up in Arizona, far away from any water. I enjoy the coastline well enough – ...

Jason Mark

Altai Project

Fatal Crash Exposes Russia’s Guilty Secret


Stormy Seas

Ocean Power Promoters Struggle to Overcome a Stiff Current of Challenges

Larissa Curlik

Burning to Get Bigger

US Oil Refineries Are Expanding so They Can Process Petroleum from Canadian Tar Sands

Michael Moreci


EPA Enables AddictionIs the Environmental Protection Agency promoting dirty industries? The EPA is busy conducting educational workshops on how fly ash from coal-fired power plants can be used in ...


International Marine Mammal Project

Award-Winning Film Uncovers Dolphin Slaughter


Watch What You Eat

The US Government Continues to Lag When it Comes to Warning People about the Risks of Mercury-Laden Fish.

Audrey Webb

Local News from All Over

Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America AFRICACongo No-GoAfter a six-month review of 156 logging deals, the government of the Democratic Republic of Co...


Net Benefits

A Cap and Trade on Their Catch Turns Fishermen into Conservationists

Elaine Miller Bond

Burning the Future: Coal in America

Directed by David Novack, 89 minutes

Audrey Webb

Notes from a Warming World

From Friend to FoeCanada’s massive forests are typically thought of as an ally in halting global climate change, since the trees absorb and store billions of tons of carbon dioxide. But this ec...


Living Fossils

Climate Change Threatens to Dissolve the Ocean’s Deep-Water Corals

Elizabeth Grossman

The Great Delusion

by Steven Stoll
224 pages, Hill and Wang, 2008

Adam Federman

Hawai‘ians Say Ferry Too Fast to Pass

Update: On March 16, Hawai‘i’s Supreme Court ruled that allowing Superferry to operate without filing an EIS was “unconstitutional.” Declaring itself “hugely disappoint...

Gar Smith

Lost and Found

Australian Artist John Dahlsen


Coming Clean

by Michael Brune
256 pages, Sierra Club Books, 2008


Earth Island Project Reports

Francis Macy


Beautiful, but Deadly

Jellyfish Blooms Appear to be on the Rise. Is Global Warming Causing an Ocean Swarming?

Jeffrey Marlow

Where Our Food Comes From

Retracing Nikolay Vavilov’s Quest to End Famine
By Gary Paul Nabhan; 266 pages, Shearwater Books, 2008

Audrey Webb


Climate Change’s Public Secrets

Tom Athanasiou

Fishing for Trust

Does It Take a Certain Kind of Personality to Craft Public Policy?

Jason Mark

Punk Runner Punked

Last fall, in the midst of a seriously nutty presidential campaign (“Drill, baby, drill” anyone?), I started feeling a little nutty myself. So I quit my job in Boston and drove 2,700 mi...

Andrew Brooks

For Peak’s Sake

Honoring David Brower

John de Graaf

Captain Charles Moore

…Talks Trash


Paltry Predictions

Why Have Some of the World’s Best and Brightest Minds Underestimated How Quickly We’re Scorching the Atmosphere?

Elizabeth Grossman