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Kevin Connelly

Chris Clarke

Sex, sea turtles, and the Seri

Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico: Standing at the bow of the boat, Ramon Lopez – an elder Seri man – observes the horizon, the color of the sea, the smells, and the islands, just as his ancestors have for...

Winona LaDuke


One of the tough things about this job is that working with so many passionate, committed activists, and being charged with representing their work to our readership, it’s hard to avoid coming close...

Chris Clarke

UniversitÁrea Protegida

UniversitÁrea Protegida (UÁP) is completing its second year supporting Nicaraguan university students doing ecological and social research in rural communities throughout the country. Many lessons h...

Olin Cohan

California energy crisis trial looms

The federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to rule soon after press time on a key piece of evidence, kick-starting the long awaited criminal trial involving Houston-based Reliant Energy’...

Jason Leopold

Climate skeptic

Climate skeptic Regarding “Goodbye North Pole?” (Winter, 2005 EIJ “Around the world”) You mention that the media is not covering the biggest news story in recent history as the melting of the ...

EI Staff

Safe Food and Fertilizer

When most people think of recycling, they think of aluminum cans, newspaper, glass, milk jugs, and cardboard being diverted from landfills to conserve resources for future generations. That is, after ...

Patricia Martin

Food fight

What’s in a name? That was the question riling the sustainable food community last fall as consumer groups, farmers and food processors battled over whether to amend the USDA’s “organic” label...

Jason Mark

Divine destruction

Photos.com In 1845, New York journalist John O’Sullivan coined the phrase “Manifest Destiny,” an expression that would remain shorthand during the late nineteenth century for the belief that Ame...

Stephenie Hendricks

Baikal Watch

The term “frozen” often connotes “immune to change.” Perhaps no land is so firmly tied to that word as Siberia. Of all parts of Siberia, no place so richly deserves this connection as the gran...

Joshua K. Hartshorne

Dumbing down smart growth

City limits carved in stone? Heavy-handed public transportation mandates? Wisconsin’s controversial comprehensive planning law is relatively innocuous compared to the accusations critics have levele...

Katherine Friedrich

Refining Power

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez builds new alliances with oil

Hunter Jackson

International Marine Mammal Project

Victory in the Solomon Islands

EI Staff

Anuradha Mittal

What will it take for the WTO to notice starving children in Niger or Malawi? Trade negotiators from 148 countries gathered at the sixth World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial in Hong Kong in Dece...

Anuradha Mittal

Freeing Keiko

How activists worked to liberate the world’s most famous orca

Kenneth Brower

Earth Island project reports

Billy Parish, a former Brower Youth Awards winner and the founder of Energy Action, was featured in the November 3 issue of Rolling Stone. The profile was part of an article called “Warriors and Her...

EI Staff

Local News from All Over

Africa Pachyderm pact Twelve countries in West Africa – Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’ Ivoire, Guinea, Guniea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo – have agreed t...

EI Staff

Viva Sierra Gorda

Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve

Laura P. Pérez-Arce

Ethical Traveler

Best ethical travel destinations

Jeff Greenwald and Kiran Auerbach

In Review

Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out

Audrey Webb