Joy Divisions

Will the environmental movement ever get its act together?

Brian Calvert Art by Lisa Wetegrove

The Seductive Lure of Direct Air Capture Technology

The unproven geoengineering approach will only delay the clean energy transition.

Gary Graham Hughes KPFA - Terra Verde

In the High Himalayas, Sherpa Women Bear the Disproportionate Effects of Climate Change

Yet existing polices fail to recognize women as agents of change in responding to the climate crisis.

Kushal Pokharel

Our Tenuous Boundaries

In Review: How Far the Light Reaches: A Life in Ten Sea Creatures

Ashia Ajani

‘Assassinated in Cold Blood’: Activist Killed Protesting Georgia’s ‘Cop City’

Killing of Manuel Esteban Paez Terán is ‘unprecedented’ in history of environmental activism in US, experts say.

Timothy Pratt The Guardian

Talking Points: Winter 2023

News in Brief

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Winter 2023

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The Axis of Fluoride: Corporate Pollution in Argentina

Aluar, Latin America's largest aluminum factory, has allegedly been polluting the local environment for decades.

Daniel Wizenberg

Waiting to Honor Chaco

Environmentalists, Indigenous groups sue feds over improper oil-lease permitting in New Mexico for the third time in three years.

Randall Hyman

If You Build It, They Will Come!

Oyster balls, bags, and blocks make up a new reef along San Francisco waterfront.

Casey Harper

The Axis of Fluoride: Corporate Pollution in Mexico

Fluoride mining has devastated the landscape of Sierra de Álvarez, a protected area in northeastern Mexico.

Alejandro Saldívar

Resisting the Spread

Nutella’s growing threat to traditional Italian farming is facing pushback.

Sofia Cherici Images by Federico Ambrosini

Divest, Sure. Fossil-Free Research? Not So Much.

Major universities take millions from fossil fuel companies despite divestment.

Vedika Mandapati

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