Saving the Bears of Abruzzo

In Italy, efforts to build a viable population of Marsican brown bears are underway.

Monique Gadella

River Guardians

Grassroots groups have taken it upon themselves to protect waterways in the southeastern US — and elsewhere around the world.

Melba Newsome Photographs by Madeline Gray

‘They Treat People Like Flotsam’

Great whites are peacefully coexisting with Californians. Why?

Sam Fletcher

Is There a Place for Hydropower in a Warming World?

Their high greenhouse gas emissions, environmental impact, and regional conflicts over water sharing offer a clear answer.

Joshua Frank

Water Filters Can Protect US Communities from Lead and Plastic Pollution

The EPA's proposal to tackle lead in drinking water does not go far enough.

Madison Dennis

New Tactics Demanded As Wildfires Intensify Across South America

Recent blazes in Chile and Argentina have highlighted the need for better environmental laws as the climate crisis deepens.

Sam Meadows The Guardian

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Winter 2024

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Forced to Relocate, Pacific Coast Tribes Are Suing Big Oil for Climate Deception

The Makah and Shoalwater Bay Tribes’ lawsuits could signal a new avenue for tribal governments to recover climate costs.

Emily Sanders

Planting Change

A public teaching garden in San Francisco is transforming citizens into key players in the food and climate movements.

Chris Krupa

Cultivating Climate Resilience

Agriculture could hold the key to California’s climate goals.

Kristine Rebiero

California’s Budding Lithium Industry

Growing interest in Imperial Valley's vast lithium reserves raises questions over toll on the environment and local communities.

Zoe Loftus-Farren KPFA - Terra Verde

Relearning Land Care

In Review: A Bold Return to Giving a Damn: One Farm, Six Generations, and the Future of Food

Jaime Herndon

Getting Better

The transformative and healing power of radical, alternative spaces.

Greg Frey

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