Shortage of Native Seeds Is Slowing Land Restoration Across the US

Repairing damaged landscapes is a critical strategy for slowing climate change and species loss.

Julia Kuzovkina and John Campanelli

Looking Down to Plan Ahead

In India, cities are restoring ancient stepwells to build climate resilience.

Shruti Ganesh

Drying Out

Europe’s growing appetite for berries is sucking up Iberia’s water.

Marta Vidal Kira Walker

Burning Toxic Chemicals ≠ Clean-Up

Communities across the US, in rural Appalachia, are impacted by the open burning of toxic chemicals as a waste disposal strategy.

Fiona McLeod KPFA - Terra Verde

Towards Plastic-Free Oceans

It’s time for Congress to protect marine mammals from dangerous plastic pollution.

Mark J Palmer

Behavior is Contagious

High-impact, individual climate actions can help create a tidal wave of change, says scientist Kimberly Nicholas.

Alex Tzelnic

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Spring 2023

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Bounding Toward Recovery

The Iberian lynx — one of the world's most endangered cats — made a giant leap toward a comeback in just a few years, easing the way for other species to follow in its path.

April Reese

Zombies and Canaries: Early Warning Sea Level Rise Art

Once deemed crazy, conceptual public art projects imagining climate changed coastlines are now seen as prescient.

Fred Nadis

EPA Discloses Additional, Concerning Chemicals Released During Train Derailment in East Palestine, Ohio

They include multiple carcinogens and chemicals that are toxic to aquatic life.

Kristina Marusic

Video Raises Questions About Tortuguita’s Death at “Cop City” Amid Permit Appeal

The release of body camera footage and permit challenge come as one Atlanta Police Foundation board member steps down.

Candice Bernd

Protecting Juristac

An investor group wants to develop a sprawling sand and gravel mine on California land sacred to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band.

Zoe Loftus-Farren KPFA - Terra Verde

A Blueprint for Those Hoping to Beat Corporate Greed

'The Water Defender’s' telling of how a small group of El Salvadorians took on global mining interests is inspiring and empowering.

William Powers

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