Turning Things Around on a Warming Planet

Netflix’s newest documentary featuring Britain’s most famous natural history filmmaker explores the causes of and solutions to the climate crisis.

Ed Rampell

One Solitary Whale, Heard for Decades, Never Seen

A motley crew of marine scientists and documentarians embark on a quest to locate this elusive troubadour of the deep.

Ed Rampell

Arizona’s Last Ocelot Faces A Life in Isolation

Lil’ Jefe, the only known remaining member of its species in the state, is cut off from his kind by Trump’s border wall.

Francisco Martinezcuello

Vancouver Mining Corp Shrugs Off Violence Against Guatemala’s Indigenous People

Pan American Silver paves the way for ecologically and socially destructive mines, and lets communities deal with the fallout.

Jen Moore Ellen Moore

‘Megadrought’ Along Border Strains US-Mexico Water Relations

There's simply not enough water to go around as the region buckles under stress of climate change.

Robert Gabriel Varady, Andrea K. Gerlak , and Stephen Paul Mumme

Slouching Towards Apocalypse

Climate change should really be reimagined as the equivalent of a slow-motion nuclear holocaust.

Tom Engelhardt

Imagining a World Free of Plastic Waste

In just a decade, the Plastic Free July initiative has grown from a grassroots movement to a global campaign.

Aleisha Orr

Miami Condo Collapse Prompts Questions Over Role of Climate Change

Experts suggest vulnerability of south Florida to rising seas could lead to destabilization of further buildings.

Oliver Milman The Guardian

Greta Is Back!

For the first time since autumn 2020, climate activist Greta Thunberg and a handful of striking youth have returned to their post outside the Swedish Parliament.

Jonathan Eidse Johanna Fraenkel

US Navy’s Powerful Shock Exercise Harms Marine Mammals, Expert Says

Recent blast registered as a 3.9 magnitude earthquake off Florida coast and is enough to have outsized effects on marine life in area.

Katharine Gammon The Guardian

“The River is Part of Me”

Maida Bilal’s struggle to save Kruščica River is part of a larger movement calling attention to the impact of small-hydropower in the Balkans.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

‘The Next Pandemic’: Drought is a Hidden Gobal Crisis, UN Says

Countries urged to take urgent action on managing water and land and tackling the climate emergency.

Fiona Harvey The Guardian

Kimiko Hirata Takes on Coal

2021 Goldman Prize winner helped prevent a surge of new coal-fired power plants in Japan.

Austin Price

A World at the Edge

What planet will our children and grandchildren inherit?

Tom Engelhardt

Coca-Cola Sued for False Advertising Over Sustainability Claims

The company is the number one plastic waste generator in the world, yet markets itself as green, suit alleges.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

Indigenous People Are on Frontlines of Colombian Uprising

Fed up with threats to lives and lands, Indigenous protesters are blockading roads and joining urban strikers across the country.

Ocean Malandra