A Last Chance for Animals and Plants Extinct in the Wild

Study maps 72 species that are now confined to zoos and botanical gardens, on the brink of complete extinction.

Duda Menegassi

A River Runs Above Us

Atmospheric rivers can cause catastrophic flooding and landslides but are crucial for water supply. In an era of increasing weather whiplash between flood and drought, can we learn to embrace the rains?

Serena Renner

Energy Industry Uses Whale Activists to Aid Anti-Wind Farm Strategy, Experts Say

Unwitting whale advocates and rightwing thinktanks create the impression that offshore wind energy projects endanger cetaceans.

Shanti Escalante-De Mattei The Guardian

New Wave of Satellite Tech Can Help Protect Against Ocean Overfishing

The development of big data is crucial to enforcing a new treaty for the high seas.

István Darabán

How Far Will Salmon Swim for a Craft Beer?

In Oregon, researchers hope a surprising aroma will lure stray salmon back to their home hatcheries.

Ben Goldfarb

Biofuel Made from Algae Isn’t the Holy Grail We Expected

New research using real-world data casts doubt on the energy efficiency of diesel alternatives that come from phytoplankton.

Lucy Sherriff

Canada is on Fire, and Big Oil is the Arsonist

Governments need to represent us, not fossil-fuel profiteers. We need plans to phase out fossil fuel production and emissions.

Tzeporah Berman The Guardian

Feds Finalize 10-mile No-Drill Zone Around Chaco National Park

More than 336,400 acres of public land are now off limits for mining and oil drilling for 20 years.

Randall Hyman

Huh, Our Fake Beach Is Good for Sharks

In the Canary Islands, endangered angelsharks and European tourists are attracted to the same habitat which, for once, isn’t bad for the wildlife.

Dag Goering

Mountain Valley Pipeline Pushed Forward on False Claims of Need

Claims that MVP is needed for energy security or demand — or that it is nearly built and has no legal hurdles ahead — are contradicted by data.

Michele Bustamante, Amy Mall, and Tom Rutigliano

Spanish Firm’s Plans to Farm Octopuses Raises Ethical Quandaries

The idea should be nixed before it ever becomes a reality, say activists and researchers.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

In Sarawak, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

As Malaysian timber giant Samling’s SLAPP suit against SAVE Rivers is adjourned for a fourth time, communities continue their fight against the logging company.

Fiona McAlpine

In this Arctic Town, Movements Triggered by Water Pose the Biggest Challenge

The “green shift” isn’t enough, says mayor of Longyearbyen, which is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth.

Randall Hyman

Chevron’s Carbon Offsets are Mostly Worthless and Some May Cause Harm, Research Says

Investigation finds energy giant’s efforts to offset its huge emissions rely on schemes with little impact.

Nina Lakhani The Guardian

‘Six Times the Size of Yosemite’: The New Tribal Sanctuary Off the Super-Rich LA Coast

Viewed by the Chumash people as their ancestral home, the Native American tribe is behind the first Indigenous-led initiative to protect the ocean and repair its damaged ecosystem.

Lucy Sherriff The Guardian

The Scrappy Team Putting Colombia’s Incredible Butterfly Diversity on the Map

How one nature photographer’s effort to identify the insects in his photos morphed into ambitious nationwide documentation project.

Joshua Collins