Urban Greenways Need To Be Made More Accessible

Hiking and walking Nashville’s greenways has helped my quality of life tremendously, and these benefits should not be limited to the able-bodied.

Margaret Kingsbury

‘This Winter, Our Hearts are Burning Embers’

At the farmers' protest sites in northern India, at the end of each day, protestors staying in makeshift camps prepare for the long night and fight ahead in a spirit of camaraderie and renewed resolve.

Shadab Farooq PARI

Experiments in Coexistence

In southwest Oregon, ranchers, agencies, and conservation groups are working together to reduce wolf-livestock conflicts.

Juliet Grable

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Perhaps there will be a world like the one we already envisioned, one in which glaciers and kindness, wildness and refuge, pikas and civil liberties, can survive.

Michael Engelhard

Ireland Stepping Up Climate Action Following Court Ruling

New climate commitments follow finding that the country’s climate action plan fell far short of requirements.

Robbie Galvin

Africa’s Pandemic-fueled Conservation Crisis

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has exposed long-standing weaknesses in how we protect African wilderness and species. But it has also given us an opportunity to vastly improve our approach to these urgent challenges.

Rachel Nuwer Peter Chadwick (photographs)

Alaska’s Salmon Are Shrinking

Pacific salmon are returning to freshwater smaller and younger than they used to.

Austin Price

Beyond “Checking the Box”   

Green 2.0’s Andrés Jimenez on building a diverse, inclusive environmental movement.

Laurie Mazur

White Shark’s Absence From South African Hotspot Spells Ecological and Economic Uncertainty

Key ocean predator’s disappearance from Dyer Island Nature Reserve is impacting everything from conservation efforts to the local tourism industry.

Petro Kotzé

As Case Against Total Drags in France, Situation in Uganda, Tanzania Worsens

Many villagers in the areas slated for the company’s massive drilling and pipeline projects yet to be compensated, says new report

Sophie Neiman

Peatlands: From Carbon Sinks to Carbon Source

Warming temperatures and human actions threaten to turn the world’s peatlands into massive carbon emitters.

Julie Loisel

Why Washington State Should Reject a Dangerous New Climate Theory

Claims that a massive new methanol refinery fed with fracked gas is actually good for the climate need to be firmly rejected — before they enable similar pushes in other states.

Lauren Goldberg Sally Keely

To End Seven Decades of Ethnic Conflict, He Helped Set Up Peace Park

Goldman Prize winner Paul Sein Twa led Myanmar’s ethnic Karen people in establishing a unique and collaborative community-based approach to conservation in the Salween River basin.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Kenyan Fruit Farmers Tend Orchards to Protect Wildlife

In the Eburu Forest, sustainable fruit farming is replacing logging and poaching, while providing jobs that protect endangered species and rich habitats.

Shadrack Omuka

An Indigenous Thanksgiving Feast

Five Native American-authored cookbooks that can help you tap into the growing movement to bring back Indigenous culinary traditions.

Megan Hill

A Brown Tide Threatens Coastal Ecosystems

Sargassum beaching events may be a new normal in the Caribbean Sea.

Richard Arghiris