In Big Win for Wildlife, California Curbs Use of Dangerous Rat Poisons

Governor Newsom signs law placing moratorium on second generation rodenticides known to kill non-target animals like mountain lions.

Fiona McLeod

Hurricane Laura: The Worst is Likely Yet to Come

Climate chaos hits the US East and West coasts weeks ahead of peak hurricane and wildfire season.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Biloxi’s Recovery from Hurricane Katrina Offers Lessons Coastal Cities

Rebuilding and recovery is a long-term process that requires ongoing support, and is shaped by local history and culture.

Jennifer Trivedi

California Farmworkers Pick Paycheck over Health amid Smoke-Filled Air

Workers who pick our fruits and vegetables are out in the field through wildfire and pandemic, putting their health in jeopardy.

Vivian Ho The Guardian

Preparing Trees for a Changing World

Climate change and wildfire are taking a toll on forests, but this forestry professor thinks he can help save them.

Elizabeth Miller

The Climate Crisis Has Arrived. Just Look to California’s Wildfires.

In the last decade, amid drought and searing heat, California has become the ‘examplar for climate change extreme events.'

Alastair Gee and Dani Anguiano The Guardian

Operation Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

In North Carolina, an endangered bird finds a foothold on military land.

David Lee Drotar

Plastic Pollution in Atlantic Ocean at least 10 Times Worse than Thought

Scientists warn prevalence of plastic pollution may pose risks to human and ocean health.

Fiona Harvey The Guardian

Are the World’s Most Endangered Rays Living in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea?

Solving this biodiversity mystery could reveal one of the most important sites to conserve these “rhinos of the sea.”

Jonathan Booth

Wildlife Conservation Suffers as Covid-19 Cuts Ecotourism Revenue in Kenya

With visitor numbers down, Kenyan wildlife advocates need to consider alternative conservation funding streams.

Kari Mutu

Is Japan’s High Recycling Rate Enough?

The country has a sophisticated waste management system. But it also has one of the highest per-capita plastic consumption rates in the world.

Jorge Jaramillo

Trump Rolls Back Methane Climate Standards for Oil and Gas Industry

Progressive states and environmental groups plan to sue the federal government over the decision.

Emily Holden The Guardian

Forecasting Marine “Bioinvasions” in a Warming World

Modern material technology and climate change are facilitating the global movement of ocean life like never before. Can we learn to detect species introductions earlier on?

Dominick Leskiw

Big Oil Remembers ‘Friend’ Trump with Millions in Campaign Funds

Donations to support the president’s re-election have flooded in from a fossil fuel industry that has enjoyed three years of energy deregulation and tax cuts.

Peter Stone The Guardian

Antarctic Researchers to Hitch Ride with Film Crew to Keep Longterm Study Going Amid Pandemic

Scientists have been monitoring seals and whales on Marion Island for nearly 40 years. Until last week, they thought Covid-19 was going to break their dataset.

Petro Kotzé

Soaring Beyond the Green New Deal

In Review: The Green New Deal and Beyond: Ending the Climate Emergency While We Still Can

Don Fitz