Global Climate Politics and the Dangers of Solar Geoengineering

sun and earth from space

Solar geoengineering presents a host of risks and threats to communities and the environment. Photo by NASA Johnson.

  • Global Climate Politics and the Dangers of Solar Geoengineering

The politics around solar geoenigeenering — which refers to technologies that would reflect the sun’s radiation away from Earth as a means to cool the planet — have intensified in recent years. That includes the release of a new report on the subject by a little-known climate lobbying group, The Overshoot Commission, at the UN climate talks last month in New York. The report offers an alarming narrative promoting solar geoengineering as a response to the change crisis, despite the uncertainties around it, the risks it poses to both communities and the environment, and the fact that it does not address the root causes of climate change.

Dr. Carl Schleussner, head of science at Climate Analytics, joins Terra Verde host Gary Graham Hughes to offer insight into the current state of global climate politics, geoengineering lobbying by groups like The Overshoot Commission, and what it means if high level politicians are considering solar geoengineering as a climate solution.

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