Major Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project Unveiled for SF Bay Delta Region

power plant smokestack

Rather than rein in emissions, the fossil fuel industry is pushing for a risky “solution” to the climate crisis: carbon capture and sequestration. Photo by aaron / Flickr.

  • Major Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project Unveiled for SF Bay Delta Region

As carbon emissions continue to increase, policymakers have been enticed by carbon capture technologies as a possible climate solution. Dozens of carbon capture and sequestration projects have been proposed in California alone, including one at Montezuma Hills in the Bay Area’s Solano County, which is ostensibly meant to address carbon pollution from the electricity generating facilities, hydrogen plants, and refineries operating in the San Francisco Bay Delta area. The problem? Carbon sequestration projects are unproven, and come with significant health and environmental risks.

Dr. Marjaneh Moini, a board member for Physician’s for Social Responsibility’s San Francisco Bay Chapter, and Kathy Kerridge of 350 Bay Area Action join Terra Verde host Gary Graham Hughes to discuss the public health risks and environmental concerns arising from the proposed Montezuma Hills facility.

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