A Tale of Two Wildernesses

I knew things were bad when Paulino dipped his empty plastic water bottle into a shallow, muddy swamp puddle. After attempting to sweeten the sludge with a bright orange vitamin C tablet, the middle-...

Michael Stoll


Illegal Logging Threatens Russia’s Last Great Wilderness

Adam Federman

In Ecuador, Trees Now Have Rights

On September 29, the Associated Press reported that Ecuador’s new constitution would “significantly expand leftist President Rafael Correa’s powers.” It wasn’t until the ...

Gar Smith

Bargaining for Eden

The Fight for the Last Open Spaces in America

Stephen Trimble 336 pages, University of California Press, 2008

Fever in the Forests

Global climate change is making many trees sick – and in the process releasing more carbon into the atmosphere

Daniel McGlynn

Notes from a warming world

Big Brother Is WatchingFirst they spied on the peace activists. Then they targeted the anti-death penalty organizations. Then they came for the climate justice groups. Courtesy Josh TulkinPlacards:...


Journal Bookshelf

The World Without Usby Alan Weisman 320 pages Thomas Dunne Books, 2007 There is something wistful in the title of Alan Weisman’s sweeping account of what would become of Earth if humans...


Forest of Memory

Elena Baca Suquet


Local News from All Over

AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth AmericaAFRICASun SeekersAfrica is the poorest continent on the planet, and approximately three quarters of the people living south of the Sahara have no acces...



It was a blistering hot afternoon when I watched the DVD of Flow. Before starting the film, I strolled to the kitchen, and, with the touch of a button on the front of my refrigerator, filled a mug wit...

Irena Salina Produced by Oscilloscope Laboratories, 84 Minutes

Mission Impossible

Ecologists agree that there is no way to win the War Against Wildfire. So why is the Forest Service spending more than ever on fire suppression?

Jason Mark


KudosIn a word, kudos on an excellent issue, especially the cover piece (“Mirage,” Autumn 2008) on water issues in the desert Southwest. I live in Reno, and we have water issues and willy...


Up in Smoke

Big Tobacco Ruins a Small African Nation

Bryan Farrell

The Amazon: It’s What’s for Dinner

The Spread of Soy Plantations Poses a New Threat to the Rainforest

Cameron Scott

Shrugging off a Cataclysm

Five years ago, I took a backpacking trip to Alaska because, as I wryly put it then, I wanted to “see the place before it melted.” Like most tourists to the Last Frontier, I was blown away...

Jason Mark

Fear Factor

Can We Learn to Live with Predators Among Us?

Elizabeth Grossman

Viva Sierra Gorda

Livelihood from the Land


Frederick Schilling

Jason Florio, floriophoto.com When Frederick Schilling started Dagoba Chocolate, everyone was sweet on him. A tiny operation run out of Schilling’s home kitchen, the fair trade chocolate ...


Red Panda Network

Fighting for the Firefox


A Future with Forestry

Community Forest Enterprises Offer Hope for Rural Mexico

Benjamin Hodgdon

Earth Island Project Reports

John de Graaf, an Earth Island Institute board member, is promoting federal legislation to have a peak in the Sierra Nevada renamed in honor of Earth Island’s founder, David Brower. In August, ...