Everyone’s got a story

Kyle Macdonald

Caitlin O'Brien

Getting over oil

A recovery model for our oil addiction

Richard Heinberg

Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters

Alaska's cruise ship ballot measure sails to victory

Gershon Cohen

Killer Spinach

When industrial agriculture goes bad

Caitlin O’Brien

Global Service Corps

Day camp offers life skills in AIDS fight

Anna Strong and Hannah Reid

Cultivating change in Colombia

“If there isn’t green, there isn’t life,” says Luz Dary Ayala. Ayala is one of the inhabitants of Ciudád Bolivar who is trying to revitalize this impoverished neighborhood of ...

Brad Miller

International Marine Mammal Project

German dolphin defender turns 85

Mark J. Palmer

The fight for wilderness

Wilderness is both a bureaucratic designation for public lands in the US and an ideal for future protections of our national heritage. The Wilderness Act of 1964 remains an incredible promise to the w...

Mark J. Palmer

UniversitÁrea Protegida

After hundreds of hours of fieldwork, writing, and the final nervous defense, most thesis papers are filed neatly away in university libraries, never to be seen again. The information they contain rar...

Olin Cohan

Food self-sufficiency

Imagine a farm that requires no fertilizer, irrigation, pesticides, or tractor cultivation, and produces highly nutritious, tasty foods. The farm we’re imagining maintains healthy soil, doesn...

Mary Lin

Elections and pundits

“Politicians Sweep Midterm Elections,” read the headline on The Onion‘s Web site on November 8. Given the rightful joy with which progressive activists greeted the results of the mid...

Chris Clarke

Fiji Organic Project

“In the remote Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu, at the very edge of a primitive rainforest, lies a vast artesian aquifer, a huge volcanic chamber confined by the rock walls of an ancient crater. This...

Molly Rockamann

50 Ways to Save the Ocean

David Helvarg, Inner Ocean Press, 2006, $12.95 (paper) These days, a lot of people understand that pouring used motor oil or other chemicals into a storm drain has a direct and deleterious effect on t...

Chris Clarke

Local News from All Over

AFRICA Strategies to stop Sahel starvation Last year the world rocked to Live Aid concerts, and the Make Poverty History Movement celebrated developed countries’ fresh commitments to alleviate the p...

EI Staff

Earth Island project reports

Utne Reader, a national magazine that celebrates the best of the independent press by reading and reprinting from 1,500 independent magazines, newsletters, blogs, and other publications, recently anno...

EI Staff

Europe’s new enclosure: the sky

The enclosure of the commons began several centuries ago in Europe, and alas, continues there in the 21st. This time the object of enclosure isnt land, but the carbon absorption capacity of the atmos...

Peter Barnes

Viva Sierra Gorda

CO2, poverty, and biodiversity

David Patrick Ross with Caitlin O’Brien


Genetically engineered trees threaten forests and communities

Anne Petermann