The beating heart of the estuary

Demand for fish oil puts the Chesapeake under increasing pressure.

Dick Russell

Six reasons we lost New Orleans

Surgingseas and vicious winds whipping through coastal Louisiana, Mississippi,and Alabama weren’t the only causes of the enormous damage left behindafter Hurricane Katrina. Human-made changes to...

Carrie Black

Fire and ice

Methane hydrates: energy solution, or worst idea ever?

Carrie Black

Halliburton, Iran, and Nukes

Cheney’s company is secretly doing business with key member of Iran’s nuclear team.Scandal-plaguedHalliburton, the oil services company once headed by Vice PresidentDick Cheney, has been w...

Jason Leopold

Global Service Corps

Food security and HIV/AIDS

Lea Hoff

In Review

The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell’s Fatal Obsession with Alaskan Bears Nick Jans Dutton Publishing, 2005 Unless you’ve been in hibernation, you probably know that in October of2003,...

Audrey Webb and Chris Clarke

Everyone’s got a story

Shyaam Shabaka

Carrie Black

Too much of nothing

Climate Change Update

Tom Athanasiou

Pombo and his cronies impede the effectiveness of the ESA

Themost recent attempt by Representative Richard Pombo to eviscerate theEndangered Species Act has been largely ignored by the public, despiterelatively aggressive media coverage. As the Associated Pr...

Chris Clarke

Brower Youth Awards

On September 30, seven incredible young activists received a 2005 Brower Youth Award, the most prestigious award in the US for leaders of tomorrow’s environmental and social justice movements. ...

EI Staff

Paul Rogat Loeb

Photo: Erin KeefePaul Rogat Loeb. We’retold the 9/11 attacks ushered us in to a new, more dangerous world,where we can no longer afford old illusions. If we take its fulllessons, Hurricane Katri...

Paul Rogat Loeb

Recycling nuclear waste

Recycling nuclear wasteYour Summer 2005 Earth Island Journal had a piece by Natale Servino about “reusing” nuclear waste in the United Kingdom. It’s true, buthey! The US has been and...

EI Staff

Nature in the City

Urban people need nature, and our urban wildlands need us

Peter Brastow

Local News from All Over

AFRICAHotter, drier, poorerIn its June report to the annual G8 Summit entitled “Africa: Up in Smoke,” the Working Group on Climate Change and Development warned that global warming will in...

EI Staff

International Marine Mammal Project

Earth Island Institute loses a good friend: Ben White, 1951–2005

Mark J. Palmer

The year we lost the deserts

It is a bright July day in the Mojave Desert, and the temperature hovers around 105°F. I have driven this stretch of dirt road more times than I can count, but today the Park Service has closed it...

Chris Clarke

Borneo Project

Indigenous victory overturned

Jessica Lawrence