Tower Kill

Our burgeoning network of towers for mobile phones, pagers, and digital television kills millions of migratory birds a year – and prevention may be as simple as changing a lightbulb

Joe Eaton

Africa wants to develop

City Talk Paya visit to a developing country – previously known as “third world” or“underdeveloped.” During the last two years I have spent time inUganda, which fits that definition. I’d call...

Nicola Swinburne

Playing with Our Food

MostAmericans know little if anything about a massive food experimentalready underway in our nation’s fields and grocery stores. Alreadythousands of products, including many of the best-known brand n...

Charles Margulis

The Other Side of ‘Chemtrails’

The article Stolen Skies: The Chemtrail Mystery (EIJ,Summer 2002), contained many inaccuracies which deserve correction.Beginning with the subtitle, “Jet Trails in the Sky Used to Disappear;Now ...

Jay Reynolds

Brower Youth Awards

Brower Youth Awards Sixoutstanding environmental and community leaders from across the UnitedStates have been named recipients of the 2002 Brower Youth Awards, thenation’s most prestigious recogni...

EI Staff

In Review…

9-11 Noam Chomsky Seven Stories Press, 2001 $8.95 ($13.50 Canadian) Few commenters on American political life are more astute than Noam Chomsky, famously referred to by the New York T...

Chris Clarke and Piers Moore Ede

Penan gather to fight logging

Borneo Project Arecent wave of logging activity in Sarawak’s interior has spurred a newseries of protests by the Penan, Borneo’s most isolated tribe. SinceMarch, the Penan have erected nine spont...

Wick Pancoast

A gift to terrorists?

George Bush’s nuclear waste transport and disposal plan puts millions of Americans at risk.

Gar Smith

International Marine Mammal Project

Keiko hunts on his own

EI Staff

Losing the leatherback

The world’s largest living reptile may go extinct so that we can eat swordfish.

Emily George

Siberian parks in peril

Baikal Watch Thereare few places left on Earth like Lake Baikal. In Soviet times it wasthe most popular summer tourist destination. These days, it’s alittle-known getaway spot that adventure trave...

Ariadna Reida, Gary Cook

Local News from All Over

AFRICAForests of the CongoJohannesburg — The world’s five richest countries, plus the World Bank, international conservation groups and mega-logging companies have pledged to spend up to...

EI Staff

That sinking feeling

Their island nation on the verge of disappearing due to sea level rise, citizens of Tuvalu prepare for repatriation.

Piers Moore Ede

Earth Island Issue on GM Foods

Thought for Food: A look at genetically-modified crops, served with a helping of Greenpeace’s True Food Now Shopping list

Vandana Shiva

Oil, gas and the grizzly

Energy exploration may push Yellowstone’s charismatic megafauna over the edge

Erica Gies

To reflect and preserve

Nate Walker paints to celebrate the natural world’s beauty, and to provoke thought and action in its defense

Audrey Webb

Recommended Reading

Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature by Martin Teitel, Ph.D, and Kimberly A. Wilson, 206 pages, paperback A gripping account of the environmental, social, politi...

Audrey Webb and Piers Moore Ede

Earth Summit falls flat

NGOs shut, out, Colin Powell is booed offstage, and a mediocre time is had by all

Chris Clarke

Earth Island Project Reports

It’s Earth Island’s 20th anniversary, and our annual Party for the Planet takes on a special significance. The party will take place at San Francisco’s historic Avalon Ballroom on F...

EI Staff


Creating Choice for Consumers

Kristen Cichocki