Recovery Roadblocks
Is the federal agency in charge of saving the Mexican wolf keeping it from thriving?
John Soltes

Feature Articles

Citizens Afield

The promise of citizen science lies not only in its contributions to research, but also in its ability to transform our relationships with the natural world.

Lucy Bryan

Leave No Worker Behind

Will the just transition movement survive mainstream adoption?

Samantha Harvey


March of the Armyworm
Across Africa, a new invasive pest is damaging crops at an alarming rate and it might soon go global.
Stephanie Parker
Learning from Death
Roadkill can be a valuable resource for researchers seeking to understand the behaviors of creatures great and small.
Eric Freedman

To Our Readers

Leave the Door Open

Surely, when the persecuted, the endangered, the impoverished need its protection to survive, the “Home of the Free” can do better

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Digging Deeper

Big Soda’s Sneaky Tactic Undermining Democracy

Often passed behind closed doors without public deliberation, preemption bills and amendments are a 'quiet threat to public health.'

Anna Lappé

Earth Island Reports

Planetary Health through Veterinary Care

Ecovet Global approaches the complex issues of land degradation, war, and food insecurity from a veterinary perspective.

Kate Sulzner

Protecting the Pacific Remote Islands from Trump

If Trump opens the PRI Monument to commercial fising, it would have a devastating impact on the region’s fragile ecology.

Mark J. Palmer and David McGuire


There’s No Place for Pessimism

Conversation: Ralph Nader

Zoe Loftus-Farren

1000 Words

Fantastical Flora

1,000 Words — Sara Misra

Maureen Nandini Mitra

In Review

It’s Not the Trees That Need Saving

The Overstory
By Richard Powers
WW Norton & Company, 2018, 512 pages

Louise Fabiani

In Search of a World Done Differently

Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road
By Kate Harris
Dey Street Books, 2018, 299 pages

Elen Turner


Aligning My Life with Nature

I started my career in agriculture back in early 2007, just before graduating from college, as an agronomist for one of the largest dairies in Wisconsin. This single dairy had more than 3,000 head of ...

Stacy Martin

Talking Points

Talking Points : Summer 2018

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