Cry, Wolf
How a Campaign of Fear and Intimidation Led to the Gray Wolf’s Removal from the Endangered Species List.
James William Gibson

Feature Articles

The Last Stand

Twenty years ago, an extraordinary effort by environmentalists saved the northern spotted owl – or did it?

Eric Wagner

A House Divided

Louisianans, One Year After the Spill

Karen Dalton Beninato

Murky Waters

The effect of the oil and gas from last summer’s disaster on the delicate marine organisms that inhabit the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

Elizabeth Grossman

Breaking Down Bioplastics

Is the Bioplastic Cup Half Full or Half Empty?

Mary Catherine O’Connor

To Our Readers

We’re All Endangered Now

The Endangered Species Act will turn 40 soon, and it’s experiencing something of a midlife crisis. When he signed the ESA into law in 1973, President Nixon praised the act for protecting “an i...

Jason Mark

Earth Island Reports

Orella Stewardship Institute

Digging Deep

Cameron Walker

Project Survival Media - “We’ve Inherited a Mess”

Say It Loud

Ellen Choy

Center for Safe Energy - Baikal to Berkeley

Lessons in Ecotourism

Melissa Prager

Energy Action Coalition

Stir It Up

Jason Mark

Sustainable World Coalition - Learning & Engagement Guide

New Book and Campaign

Vinit Allen

New Earth Island Projects, Summer 2011

Wholly H2oWholly H2o equips Californians with the information and skills necessary to normalize water conservation and efficiency, as well as to re-conceptualize rainwater, graywater, stormwater, and ...

Journal Staff

1000 Words

Eye to Eye

Bryant Austin

Journal Staff


Cat Eyes
The Eastern Cougar Has Been Declared Extinct. So Why Do Sightings of the Animal Persist?
Christopher Ketcham
Call of the Wild
The Yellowstone
Wolf Project
In the name of science
Laura Kiesel


Ric O’Barry

At heart, O’Barry is a loner, self-effacing and quiet.

Jason Mark

In Review

Plan B

HOT: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth
By Mark Hertsgaard
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011, 340 pages

Jason Mark

The Most Dangerous Game

The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival
by John Vaillant
Knopf, 2010, 352 pages

Adam Federman

Hunters and Gatherers

The Species Seekers: Heroes, Fools, and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth
by Richard Conniff
WW Norton & Company, 2011, 464 pages

Howard Schneider


Fear of Flying

Air travel was undoing every effort we were making to live sustainably…

Barnali Ghosh

Talking Points

Don’t Mini-mize the Dangers of Nuclear Power

Cheaper, quicker to build, and small enough to fit in a garage, SMRs could power homes, factories, and military bases

Gar Smith

Local News from All Over: Summer 2011

Around the World

Journal Staff

Notes from a Warming World - The Last Shall Be First

Temperature Gauge

Journal Staff


Green Economy?

Do Carbon Offsets Work?

Journal Staff

Fighting Climate Change with Forests

The role of forests in international climate policy is growing

Louis Blumberg

Nothing More than Hot Air

“Some people call that bribery. A better word might be extortion.”

Daphne Wysham