Women’s Earth Alliance

When Women Thrive, Communities Thrive


Lester Brown

Lester Brown started his career as a farmer. At the age of 14, he and a brother rented some land, bought an old tractor, and began growing tomatoes. The small enterprise eventually grew to become New ...


A Numbers Game

At least since the days of Malthus, people have wondered when the planet will be too full of people. During the last several generations – as the number of humans has grown exponentially and our...

Jason Mark

Restoration Initiatives

Economic Crisis Whacks CA Programs


The Vindication of a Public Scholar

Forty Years After The Population Bomb Ignited Controversy, Paul Ehrlich Continues to Stir Debate

Tom Turner


What About the Gators?I grew up in Canada and thought the article about the annual Canadian seal hunt (“Kill Them with Kindness,” Around the World, Spring) took a very complicated issue an...


Sex Sells

A Tiny Nonprofit Uses Mass Media to Encourage Family Planning

Jason Mark

Last Stand in the Kunuku

One Woman’s Battle to Save Her Island’s Plants and Culture

Patrick Holian

Local News from All Over

AFRICAGas MaskedEd KashiCommunities in the Niger Delta have long demanded a halt to gas flaring at the region’s oil wells. The Nigerian government recently ordered that all flaring cease b...


A Population Bomb

Too Many People and Too Few Resources Lead to Bloodshed in the Philippines

Brad Miller


Directed by Josh Tickell; Josh Tickell Productions
89 minutes

Audrey Webb

Notes from a warming world

Who, Us?Our relentless consumption of oil is not to blame for climate change. This news flash comes to you courtesy of … the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In a statem...


Trash Compactor

Eco-artist Tim Gaudreau


Going Green

Edited by Laura Pritchett, 209 pages, University of Oklahoma Press, 2009

Jason Mark

Planet Girth

Every environmental problem has a population angle. Remember the idea – taken from chaos theory – about how a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could cause a tornado in Texas? Well, t...

Gar Smith

Border War

Immigration Is a Political Minefield. Can Environmentalists Have a Reasoned Debate on the Issue?

Kari Lydersen

Deeply Rooted

by Lisa Hamilton
306 pages, Counterpoint Press, 2009



CSAW successfully beat back an attempt to weaken Alaska’s cruise pollution law in the recently completed legislative session. The cruise lines amassed a huge fleet of lobbyists to try and strike...


Hold Steady

If the Population Were to Shrink, What Would That Mean for an Economy Based on Growth?

Deborah Rich and Jason Mark

More: Population, Nature, and What Women Want

by Robert Engelman
303 pages, Island Press, 2008

Audrey Webb

Energy Action

Victory by Degrees


The Division Over Multiplication

Among the growing ranks of the eco-aware, it’s commonly understood that many environmental problems, as well as their solutions, are linked to individuals’ choices. For example, the car yo...

Audrey Webb

The Kindest Cut

Last year, I became castrated impotent sterile. That is, I had a vasectomy. While it’s actually a very common procedure (nearly 500,000 are performed every year in the US), it raises eyebrows &n...

Matt Leonard