Down in the Dirt

TheRealDirt.netThe author enjoys the moment of harvest. A farmer takes a hard look at America’s favorite herbicide Harvest Week 6, 1999  This my second day in bed. I am pretty much immobile. Le...

John Peterson

International Marine Mammal Project

Argentina Dolphin Safe program kicks off Last year, IMMP started monitoring Dolphin Safe tuna companies in Argentina though the local Wild Earth Foundation. Wild Earth contacted several tuna companies...

Mark J. Palmer

In Review

Primal Tears by Kelpie Wilson NorthAtlantic Books, 2005 320 pages, $13.95 Primal Tears is a funny, deep, exciting, and biologically correct novel springing from an innovative idea: What if efforts to ...

Karen Pickett

Oregon Energy

Sandia National Laboratory Sandia National Laboratory researchers investigate substances given off by a landfill A Pacific Northwest landfill captures a valuable energy source I approach the open pit ...

Frederick Reimers

Women’s Global Green Action Network

From grassroots to the bargaining table

Melinda Kramer and Mary Rose Kaczorowski

John Krist

Timber-dependent counties have had 100 years to kick their addiction to federal subsidy.

John Krist

Local News from All Over

AFRICA Deporting wildlife Kenyans protest plans to export hundreds of wild animals to Thailand Opposition is growing among Kenyans to a plan to export 300 wild animals to the ...

EI Staff

Earth Island Project Reports

In February, Red Panda Project (RPP) began a campaign to garner support for efforts to create the world’s first red panda reserve. Executive Director Brian Williams spoke to the San Diego chapter of...

EI Staff

Sustainable World Coalition

Warriors for sustainability

Vinit Allen

Bay Area Wilderness Training

Climb Shasta and Rainier with BAWT

Justin Fahey

A Bit of Feedback

If you are lucky, a bit of feedback comes in from the outside world every once in a while that tells you you’re on the right track. It might be a note of appreciation from someone for whom you did a...

Chris Clarke

Everyone’s Got a Story

You could say that Ariana Katovich, Earth Island Institute’s Director of Restoration Initiatives and one of the first Brower Youth Award winners, was born to fill her current job. Katovich doesn’t...

Chris Clarke

Cheney is No Sportsman

Those of you who read James Fennimore Cooper’s The Deerslayer might remember a scene in which the pioneers blast away indiscriminately at clouds of passenger pigeons, while the Deerslayer picks out ...

Colleen F. Moore

Divine Destruction

Divine destruction These are my comments to the article “Divine destruction” by Stephenie Hendricks: Activists of any persuasion (religious, political, environmental, or whatever) can fall into th...

EI Staff

Nature in the city

When renowned conservation scientist Peter Raven discovered the evergreen shrub Raven’s manzanita at the age of 14, he was tramping about 1950s San Francisco as if it were a natural landscape! A bud...

Peter Brastow

Poison Under the Pavement

Beneath the asphalt: 17 to 30 million gallons of petroleum products In one of the largest cities in one of the richest countries in the world, millions of gallons of oil have been spreading under peop...

Elena Agarkova

Clear Skies in the Desert

Laughlin, Nevada is a green, well-watered oasis in North America’s driest desert. It is hemmed in by rock surrounding the valley like oven walls. To the west, the corrugated Newberry Mountains s...

Chris Clarke

Energy Action

It’s getting hot in here

Liz Veazey and Matt Stern

Ten Thousand Bicycles in Portland

Bikes, carpools, public transit, and planned development reduce emissions in Portland A Portland, Oregon, woman saves enough money to go to Europe three weeks every year by using a bicycle as her mode...

Annie Birdsong

Seeking a Just Transition

Black Mesa TrustMembers of the Just Transition Coalition meet with the California Public Utilities Commission I first met the young Navajo activist Enei Begaye in 1985, when she was nine years old. Sh...

Christopher McLeod

Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters

Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters (C-SAW) has been working to stop the dumping of waste from cruise ships in Alaska, California, Maine, and Hawaii for six years, focusing on both the discharges...

Gershon Cohen

Major Oil Spill in Alaska

With its March passage of a budget measure, the US Senate approved a provision to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling – just as the region suffers one of the worst oil spills in ...

Jason Leopold