New nukes is bad nukes

Bush’'s plan for your radioactive future

Chris Clarke

International Marine Mammal Project

Dolphin-Safe in the Maldives The Maldivian tuna fishery in the Indian Ocean has been a part of International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP)‘s Dolphin-Safe program almost from its inception. Maldiv...

EI Staff

Getting poverty’s goat

In Nepal, Heifer provides families water buffalo for draft power and milk. Darcy Kiefel/Heifer International photo You don’t see many water buffalo in central Arkansas. The one gazing benignly over ...

Joe Eaton and Ron Sullivan

Earth Island project reports

Earth Island Institute welcomes a new project, Friends of Sierra Gorda. The project’s primary mission is to support and promote the work of the Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG) in Queretaro, Mexi...

EI Staff

Not a drop to drink

Natural and unnatural disasters leave millions without clean water

Lisa Katayama

Sacred Land Film Project

Dancing for peace At dusk, eight Winnemem Wintu dancers emerged along the edge of the Shasta Dam, a massive reservoir that has flooded their ancestral homeland. Eagle, turkey, and heron feathers adorn...

EI Staff

Local News from All Over

AFRICA A Kenyan slum dweller avoids trash and sewage as he walks in the Nairobi slum of Kibera. Reuters photo Waste notAs if grappling with the mountains of sand that desertification has cast down on ...

EI Staff

A democracy of water

Farmers and big-city progressives made a grand coalition. Now that civility is coming undone.

David Oates

Baikal Watch

The Great Baikal Trail

Joshua K. Hartshorne

Energy Secretary’s dirty resumé

This guy ran a Texas-based chemical company that was one of the country's worst polluters

Jason Leopold

Everyone’s got a story

Sue Reid

Tucker Sharon

The tsunami-environment connection

Reef Protection International Eleven countries were hit by the December 26 tsunami. Scores of other countries lost citizens, making this a worldwide catastrophe. Legions of aid workers are now helping...

Drew Weiner

Bad news, good news

From the effects of the tsunami in December to the renewed Bush administration assault on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the world has been awash in very bad news these days. We should know. Our...

Chris Clarke

Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters

Cruise ship initiative sets sailC-SAW has been charting a course towards a pollution-free cruise future since 1999, leading the effort towards passage of the only federal rule restricting cruise ship ...

EI Staff

Is Environmentalism Dead?

A response to the recent essay ”The Death of Environmentalism“

Karen Pickett

To the Earth Island Journal

Unfair to Kerry? Chris Clarke is right to suggest that “Red-state voters face environmental threats” (“Bushed Again,” Spring 2005 EIJ) but he’s dead wrong when he suggests that John Kerry “...

EI Staff

Global Service Corps

After much anticipation, Global Service Corps (GSC) proudly completed its first six-month Seeds of Survival (SOS) Fellowship Program. The program, which ran from Oct. 18, 2004 to April 18, 2005, broug...

Tucker Sharon and Susanna Beck

Cindy Lowry

For close to four years, the Cape Wind offshore wind project proposal (see Spring, 2005 EIJ) has been making its tortured way through the Army Corps of Engineers permitting process under the Rivers an...

Cindy Lowry