Everyone’s got a story

ForJeff Greenwald’s 40th birthday, he treated himself to a 29,172-milearound-the-world overland voyage, and wrote a book called The Size of the World detailing his experiences. This year, for hi...

Léonie Sherman

The genetic resistance

From Mendocino, California to Montpelier, Vermont, communities arepassing measures to say no to the contamination of the food supply withgenetically engineered (GE) seeds and crops. Resistance to the ...

David Kupfer

Kids for the Bay

Kids for the Bay Diversity In environmental education To encourage students to become environmentalists, it is important toprovide role models that reflect their cultural backgrounds and inspiret...

EI Staff

Can the lion lie down with the lamb?

Theflight into Nairobi airport is spectacular. As your plane begins itsapproach, look out the window at the broad grasslands of Kitengela,home to Maasai pastoralists and their livestock—you can ...

John Dawson

International Marine Mammal Project

International Marine Mammal Project Bush administration conspired with Mexico The International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) recently released aseries of memos that show a pattern of deliberate a...

EI Staff

We need a seafood diet for a small planet

In May 2003, I had the great honor of meeting the legendary Harvardscientist Dr. Edward O. Wilson. When I thanked him for signing ourletter calling on the UN to institute a moratorium on longline fish...

Todd Steiner

Earth Island project reports

Earth Island is pleased to welcome three new projects. The Alliance for a Clean Waterfront (ACW) will lead efforts to transform the way San Francisco manages itsstormwater and sewage. Much of San Fran...

EI Staff

Glen Canyon Emerges

Cracked, dried mud stretches for many yards at the Hite Marina.In his foreword to Eliot Porter’s The Place No One Knew,David Brower wrote, “Glen Canyon died in 1963, and I was partlyrespon...

Mikhail Davis

Extra! and Thanks, Léonie

Extra! The production schedule of a quarterly magazine works against includinglate-breaking news. Earth Island Journal hits the newsstands aboutthree weeks after the document is sent to our prin...

Chris Clarke

Hostile takeover

US Corporations carve up Iraq

Pratap Chatterjee and Léonie Sherman


A view from Mozambique Just a quick note of thanks for your Spring 2004 edition of Earth Island Journal, which I enjoyed very much. I particularly liked your “From the Editor” article on ...

EI Staff

Mad cow: worse than you think

InDecember, a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) veterinarian discoveredthat a cow imported from Canada into Washington state tested positivefor the invariably fatal Mad Cow disease. Two months later...

Chris Clarke

Local News from All Over

GLOBAL Is it getting hot in here? A new report indicates that the number of species wiped out by globalclimate change will soon exceed extinctions expected from habitatdestruction. The re...

EI Staff

Saving Chile’s redwoods

A new direction for the Valdivian rainforest

Darren Guyaz

UniversitÁrea Protegida

UniversitÁrea Protegida In early March, hundreds of students from La Universidad NacionalAutónomo de Nicaragua (UNAN León) held a student strike. They stoodoutside the city hal...

Olin Cohan

Piercing the heart of the Tongass

On December 23, at approximately 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time,staffers at the US Forest Service in Washington, DC pressed the “send”buttons on their fax machines, then scuttled through ...

Léonie Sherman