The Business of WaterYour article in Spring 2002 by Maude Barlow [“Water Inc.”] could not be more timely. A company named WorldWaterSA has applied to the state of California for permission...

EI Staff


World and the Spirit: Women and the Fate of the Earth

Elouise Bell

Fallout Over Disneyland

Disneyland has been shooting pyrotechnic chemicals into the evening sky since shortly after the amusement park opened in 1955. In the beginning, the fireworks shows were confined to weekends and schoo...

Amy Davis & Gar Smith

Village Mapping Program Threatened

Borneo Project Borneo - Since the early 1990s, the shrinking size and cost of Global Positioning System (GPS) units and the increasing ease of using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology have...

Harlan Thompson

International Marine Mammal Project

US Navy Admits Sonar Killed Whales

Mark J. Palmer

Ebb & Flow

These Roofs Last a Lawn Time Japan - With summer temperatures rising, cities like Tokyo and Fukuoka have found a cheap, natural way to beat back the swelter of urban “heat islands.” This y...

EI Staff

The Bible According to Noah

The Bible is a very old document, which makes it extremely pertinent to those interested in preserving the planet. For more than 3,000 years, the myths and maxims within its pages have helped the Jews...

Reverend Gary Kowalski

Stolen Skies: The Chemtrail Mystery

Jet Trails in the Sky Used to Disappear. Now they Linger.

William Thomas

Protecting Predators ‘On Nature’s Terms’

WildFutures Late in 1998, a landmark meeting was convened high in the Rockies to further the protection of America’s large predators - the grizzly bear, the mountain lion and the wolf. The Preda...

Sharon Negri and Julie Didion

The Blood of Dolphins

An eyewitness to Japan's drive fishery hunt

Annabel Heseltine


Stockholm Shocker British government documents released in January revealed the existence of a secret campaign to sabotage the 1972 Stockholm Conference, the world’s first global environmental s...

EI Staff

‘We Are the Caribou People’

Sarah James has been a voice for indigenous rights, human rights and environmental issues for more than 10 years. Since 1988, she has been a leader in the fight to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic N...

Sarah James

Technotopia & the Death of Nature

Clones, Supercomputers, and Robots

James Bell

Bluewater Network To Become Independent

Bluewater Network Bob Wilkinson, President of Earth Island Institute, and Russell Long, Director of Earth Island’s Bluewater Network (BWN) announced on February 4, 2001 that BWN will become inde...

EI Staff

Making Waves: EII in the News

Bluewater Network has achieved a breakthrough in attempts to reduce greehouse gas emissions from California’s passenger vehicles. The approval of Assemblymember Fran Pavley’s AB 1058 (spon...

EI Staff

It’s Time for a Renewable Energy Plan

As we have turned the corner of a millennium, we have an extraordinary opportunity to begin a new era in which our conception of how energy is produced, used and conserved is transformed. The energy s...

Senator John Kerry

Biodiesel in Berkeley

The Ecology Center's Trucks no Longer Run on Petrol

Dave Williamson

International Marine Mammal Project

2002: A Year of Decision for Dolphins

Mark J. Palmer

Positive Notes

Flight Paths Saved More than 618,000 acres of protected wetlands that provide habitat for birds migrating through the Azov and Black seas in Ukraine and Russia are due to be dramatically improved than...

EI Staff

Water as a Weapon of War

Mozambique - Water is necessary for life. We all know this, but many in the industrialized North take their water supply for granted. Water always flows when we turn on our taps. Water is not taken fo...

Edward D. Breslin

Fire in the Sky: A Global Plague

The Shots Heard ‘Round the World

Gar Smith

Clean Jobs to Save the Climate

Climate Solutions The “clean energy” industry is expected to average $180 billion in sales annually over the next 20 years - twice the revenue of commercial aircraft manufacturing. The ind...

Patrick Mazza


Designing Products as if the Earth Really Mattered By Edwin Datschefski Products are the source of all environmental problems. It may seem surprising, but most environmental problems are caused by uni...

EI Staff

A Prayer for America

From a speech delivered at a meeting of Americans for Democratic Action in Los Angeles on February 17. I offer these brief remarks today as a prayer for our country…, [in] the belief that a free...

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH)

It’s Time to Restore Afghanistan

Afghanistan's Crying Needs

Gar Smith

The Snowmobile Lobby’s Snow Job

Bluewater Network The International Flat Earth Society (FES) is a nonprofit organization opposed to the idea that the Earth is spherical. Members believe that “the known, inhabited world is flat...

Sean Smith

Islam and the Environment

Despite the apocalyptic premise of Samuel Huntington’s book, The Clash of Civilizations (which prophesies an inevitable war between the armies of the God and the armies of Allah), Islam and Chri...

Gar Smith

Technotopia: Clones, Supercomputers, & Robots

Self-Replicating Atomic-Size Machines

James Bell

Bush’s War on Sacred Lands

The Bush Roll-back Threatens Native Sites

Brad Miller

‘Rio+10’: Let the People Be Heard

World Sustainability Hearing Project

Kelly Jones, Astrid Scholz & Aaron G. Lehmer

Local News from All Over

Chartering a New Course United Nations - A delegation from the Cousteau Society (founded in 1973 by French oceanographer/environmentalist Jacques-Yves Cousteau) has presented United Nations Secretary ...

EI Staff

The Eco-Nuns of Greece

World and the Spirit: A compact with Creation

Theodore Theodoratos

The Good, the Bad and the Savory

Is There Slavery in Your Chocolate?

John Robbins

Beyond Enron: The Next Scandal

How US Companies Hide Their Environmental Sins

Donald Sutherland

International Marine Mammal Project/Sea Otter Defense Initiative

Otter Despair

Cindy Lowry