Restoration Inititatives

Restoring Imaginations to Reclaim Land

Ariana Katovich

The Call of the Kiwi

New Zealanders Are Working to Save Their National Symbol

Eric Wagner

Ethical Traveler

Where is Tourism Headed?

Lili Debarbieri

Fueling the Future?

The Hunt for a Sustainable Biofuel

Robynne Boyd


Carpooling to the Country

Kyle MacDonald

Get on the Bus

Curitiba, Brazil Rolls Out a Transit Solution

Michael Fox


Different SeasoningI have been a subscriber of the Journal for over a decade, and have always been surprised when I get the magazine that it persists in dating itself with the seasons of the Northern ...


Bay Area Wilderness Training



Disappearing Destinations

by Kimberly Lisagor and Heather Hansen

Lilias Pettit-Scott

Local News from All Over

AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth AmericaAFRICABiodiversity BonanzaThe Indian Ocean island of Madagascar has dramatically reduced deforestation as the country’s leaders try to attract to...



How NYC's Congestion Pricing Plan Crashed

Adam Federman

The Travails of the Rails

I became an avid train rider a few years ago, after ditching my car for environmental reasons. Today, I also have an economic incentive to travel by train. With gasoline costs skyrocketing, Amtrak has...

Brian Smith

Notes from a warming world

Stunt ManEarlier this year, British billionaire Sir Richard Branson – the thrill-seeking head of Virgin Atlantic Airlines – once again grabbed the media’s attention when his company ...


The Big Melt

Notes from the Front Lines of Climate Change

Elizabeth Grossman

We Are Traffic

The Spirit of Critical Mass


Globalization’s Carbon Bootprint

Anyone interested in big picture solutions to climate change must eventually confront the inconvenient truth that one of the major forces stoking the greenhouse is globalization. The infrastructure of...

Gar Smith

Cruise Control

How a Small Band of Activists Fought Alaska’s Tour Industry – and Won

Daniel L. Henry

Earth Island Project Reports

In the 1990s, 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth became a best-selling book, with five million copies in print. Author John Javna and his children, Sophie and Jesse, have re-written the boo...


Flying Into Trouble

Where Are Carbon Offsets Taking Us?

Jason Mark

Katie Alvord

We’re infatuated with our cars. And why shouldn’t we be? After all, we spend so much time in our automobiles that it’s only natural to have feelings of intimacy toward these machines: Thirty per...


Breaking the Habit

America, as even President Bush acknowledges, is addicted to oil. If so, then biofuels are little better than methadone. Our addiction is dangerous. It is one of the primary sources of the unchecke...

Jason Mark