The Rush For White Gold
A proposed lithium mine in Nevada highlights a dilemma facing green tech — it is still reliant on extractive industries.
Austin Price

Feature Articles

Caribou Keepers

The Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations are helping pull local caribou populations back from the brink.

Benjamin Alva Polley

Back to the Land

A growing number of African Americans want to reclaim their farming roots. But Black farmers face many of the same racist hurdles of the past.

Jonathan Shipley

To Free a River

Klamath River tribes have been preparing the river basin for the biggest dam-removal project in the history of the United States.

Juliet Grable

Tears of the Clown

What can conservationists do to help the tufted puffin — a seabird that spends as little time within sight of humans as it can?

Eric Wagner

To Our Readers

Towards a Better Land Ethic

Our relationship with land should be based on responsibility and reciprocity, not ownership.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

The Long Game

Flipping the Script

There’s nothing easy or comfortable about acknowledging and letting go of ideas and a status quo that serve some more than others.

Carolyn Finney

Earth Island Reports

Nontoxic Rewilding

In Iowa, students are proving that landscape restoration can go herbicide-free.

Sheina Crystal

Helping Oil Spill Impacted Communities

ALERT’s work is centered around community education and healing in the aftermath of catastrophe.

Fiona McLeod

1000 Words

Tracing the Human Footprint

Photographer Edward Burtynsky captures the visual impacts of an age defined by humans.

Austin Price


Clean Air Is a God-Given Right

Residents of Port Arthur, Texas are surrounded by industry. Grassroots activist Hilton Kelley is helping them stand up to polluting neighbors.

Kate B. Littleboy

In Review

Network Giants

Finding the Mother Tree captures the majesty and magic of the natural world and provides a new perspective on what it means to be a tree.

Michael Berry

Rethinking Forest Fires

The timber industry has crafted a false narrative around wildfire. Smokescreen dismantles it.

Elisa Shoenberger


Solace in Science

Science was always there for me.
Now I am there for it.

Jacob Carter

Talking Points

Talking Points: Summer 2021

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