Engineered Glow
Researchers are making huge strides towards creating functional, light-emitting plants. But the jury is out on whether these plants will offer environmental benefits or cause unexpected harms.
Anna Gibbs

Feature Articles

Troubled Tundra

Will the wild, still beauty of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — which turns 60 this year — outlive our busy meddling?

Michael Engelhard

Notes from the Edge of the World

Cape Horn represents how a single landscape, remote and mostly barren, can mean so many things — a homeland, a science experiment, a tourism resource, a symbol of wilderness.

Brian Buma

Florida's Lost Springs

For nearly half a century, a pointless dam on the Ocklawaha River has drowned 20 of Florida’s precious freshwater springs and endangered wildlife. It’s time it came down.

Keith Williams

Channeling Destruction

Ergodan’s plan to create a new waterway linking the Black and Marmara seas will disrupt the delicate ecological balance between them and put Turkey’s freshwater resources at risk.

Selin Ugurtas

To Our Readers

Summer of Reckoning

The environment doesn't exist in a vacuum. Those of us working to protect our natural world need to be mindful of that.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Digging Deeper

The Nature of Our Nature

Are humans truly destructive at our core, or is there another story to be told?

Anna Lappé

Earth Island Reports

Making Home Gardening a Little Easier During the Pandemic

West County DIGS is helping families offer their kids off-screen learning and enrichment by providing plant starts and gardening tips.

Graciella Rossi

Mobilizing Resources for Indigenous Communities

Seeding Sovereignty seeks to “de-expert” and diversify the environmental movement.

Fiona McLeod

1000 Words

The Poetry of Seaweeds

Josie Iselin wants to show us that what’s happening in the ocean isn’t separate from our lives on land.

Maureen Nandini Mitra


‘Nature Is Trying to
Tell Us Something’

Physician and climate expert Aaron Bernstein talks about the Covid-19 pandemic and bridging the gap between medicine and the environment.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

In Review

In the Teton Range, “You See a Lot of Charity but Very Little Justice”

In Review: Billionaire Wilderness, by Justin Farrell

Austin Price

A Radical Reframing of the Climate Paradigm

In Review: The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success, by Mark Jaccard

Richard Pallardy


Seeing a Miracle in Every Overlooked Grain of Rice

Working to fix our broken food system, one meal at a time.

Yuka Nagashima