Local News from All Over

Local News from All Over

EI Staff

Fields of Plenty

Michael Ableman

EI Staff

1,000 Bagels a Night

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NYC Garbage

Michael J. Foster

The Competition is Melting

Secondlife.comOne way to fly to a climate summit in Bali. In recent years, hockey players and competitive skiers have warned that rising global temperatures are affecting their beloved sports....

EI Staff

Learning to Observe

The Practice of Natural Agriculture

Lisa M. Hamilton

Tapping the Fat of the Land

During a keynote speech at the 2007 Gas and Oil Expo, officials from ExxonMobil and the National Petroleum Council (NPC) addressed the specter of peak oil and presented a radical proposal. “Without ...

Gar Smith

Neat Freaks

How Food Safety Rules Are Threatening
Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices

Jason Mark

Earth Island Project Reports

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) recently announced that Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) is a finalist for the 2008 Outdoor Industry Ambassador Award. Each year, the OIA Award recognizes a c...

EI Staff

Willow Rosenthal

The west side of Oakland, California is not known for its gardens and green spaces. Site of the sprawling Port of Oakland, the neighborhood is surrounded by the warehouses, rail yards, and truck depo...

Jason Mark

Borneo Project

Burning for Biofuels

Judith Mayer

Paradise in No Man’s Land

The Korean DMZ Is One of the Most Heavily Fortified Borders in the World — And a Sanctuary for the Peninsula’s Flora and Fauna

James Card

Food For Thought

A funny thing happened on the way to the Farm Bill — ordinary consumers got involved. In the past, a small number of legislators from the soy- and corn-growing states and lobbyists from the corp...

Jason Mark

International Marine Mammal Project

Saving Dolphins

Mark J. Palmer

Harvest of Suicides

How Global Trade Rules Are Driving Indian Farmers to Despair

Anuradha Mittal


Bird Damage In “Buy the Numbers” in the Winter 2008 issue, you report that wind turbines account for a relatively low number of bird deaths. If buildings, cats, cars, and power lines ar...

EI Staff

Safe Food and Fertilizer

Food Is a Four-Letter Word

Patty Martin

Peak Soil

The Silent Global Crisis

Stephen Leahy

We’re Winners

We are pleased to announce that Earth Island Journal was recently awarded the prize for top environmental coverage in Utne Reader’s 2007 Independent Press Awards. In recognizing our work, the Utne e...

EI Staff

Not All Apples Are Created Equal

Scientists Say Organic Foods Are More Nutritious – Are Government Officials Listening?

Deborah Rich

Appetite for Profit

by Michele Simon 416 pages, paperback Nation Books, 2006 The battle of the bulge, being fought in all industrialized societies, is currently being lost. According to American Sports Data, nearly ...

Dennis Littrell

“From Heresy to Conventional Wisdom at Blinding Speed”

A History of Earth Island Institute’s 25 Years

Tom Turner