International Marine Mammal Project

RIP, Keiko

Mark J. Palmer

Everyone’s got a story

Nomatter how prestigious the university or gifted the professors, some ofthe most important lessons a university student learns take placeoutside the lecture hall. As a student in the legal stud...

Audrey Webb

China must curb its appetite for ‘Wild Taste’

At Lang Son, a northern Vietnamese town on the Chinese border, Iwatched as hundreds of Vietnamese carried baskets of monkeys,pangolins, snakes, and a variety of exotic birds in rattan cages. Onthe way...

Andrew Lam

The Birds

Tangled in the food web

Norman Holy

Ecological Avoidance Syndrome

Sustainable World Coalition Ecological Avoidance Syndrome (EAS) We have the blessing and the curse to be living in a time in whichscientists have repeatedly reported on the imminent destructio...

Vinit Allen

Painting ourselves into the landscape

As I set out on my hike, I knew that by the end of it I would bebreaking the law. Three easy miles and two steep ones brought me to theedge of Headwaters Forest, a 3,000-acre tract of ancient redwoods...

Seth Zuckerman

UniversitÁrea Protegida

UniversitÁrea Protegida UniversitÁrea Protegida (UÁP), a project of Earth Island since August2003, supports Nicaraguan university students who are doing thesisresearch, conser...

Olin Cohan

The Great Danes

Americans could learn a lot about recycling from the descendants of the Vikings

Matthew Bettelheim

Three years of successes

Boreal Footprint Project 2003 marks the third year that the Boreal Footprint Project (BFP) hasbeen working to enhance public understanding of the biological andcultural values of the worldwide bore...

Chanda Meek

Tangled in the food web

We go to the sea hoping to see birds swooping and diving, to watch themcarve the wind, to turn and twist, skimming the sea as they search forfood. Their dark images darting against the setting sun giv...

Norman Holy

Earth Island Project Reports

Members of Earth Island gathered in Boston November 20 to hear Dr. Charles Chester talk about biodiversity. The event was held at the Center forInternational Environment and Resource Policy at the Fle...

EI Staff

From the editor

In October, the news media trumpeted the results of a massive study inthe UK that was intended to measure the environmental impact of growinggenetically modified (GM) crop plants. The scientists monit...

Chris Clarke

Why travelers matter

Ethical Traveler Why travelers matter Ten years ago, I set out to discover the actual size of the world. Mystrategy was simple: I’d circle the Earth without resorting to the useof airplanes...

Jeff Greenwald


Let’s have another cup of coffee In the “Just Java” piece (Winter 2004), submitted by Co-op America, itwas announced that Procter & Gamble has now begun to offer a FairTrade co...

EI Staff

Wading through Everglades Policy

She is pure light descending from the sky; a single snowy egret swoopssoftly down, taking pause in a shallow pool, her body half hidden bythe khaki grass rising from the water. Her eyes scan the flat ...

Adam Spangler

Local News from All Over

AFRICA South Africans have started illegally breeding big cats to be shot bybig-game “hunters” in what locals are calling “canned hunts.” In December, Limpopo game wa...

EI Staff

Fighting for the redwoods

Only when I hear the deafening roar of the chainsaws nearby do Irealize the dangers all around me. I am climbing a 180-foot-highold-growth redwood tree nicknamed “Allah” in northern Califo...

Jacob Wheeler