Bush’s New Assault on Sacred Lands

Sacred Land Film Project Before a screening of In the Light of Reverence at Arizona State University earlier this year, Cal Seciwa (Zuni), thedirector of ASU’s American Indian Institute, unfu...

Christopher McLeod

In review

The holidays canbe emotionally and environmentally wearing. According to the Center fora New American Dream (www.newdream.org), over 5 million extra tons oftrash are produced in the US between Thanksg...

Piers Moore Ede

International Marine Mammal Project

International Marine Mammal Project Local group sues Nagoya Port Authority Ombudsman Aichi, a citizens’ group in Aichi prefecture, Japan, has suedthe Nagoya Port Authority (NPA), seeking...

EI Staff


Working with the Environment, by Tim Ryder and Elisabeth Roberts, Vacation Work, 2000 This book provides information on paid and volunteer opportunities,both in the US and abroad. The chapters a...

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Chilean rivers threatened Chilean landscape

Megaproject moves forward despite widespread opposition.

Gary Graham Hughes

Circle of Life Foundation

Circle of Life Foundation Circle of Life to become independent On November 1, 2002, Circle of Life became independent of Earth IslandInstitute after two years as a project of the parent organi...

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Sustaining the Bluegrass

Kentucky college launches green initiative

Andy McDonald

Deep Cuba

Voyage to the bottom of the embargo

Chris Clarke and Bill Belleville

KIDS for the BAY

KIDS for the BAY In November, KIDS for the BAY (KftB) celebrated 10 years of providingmeaningful and effective environmental education to East San FranciscoBay children. Based in Berkeley, Californ...

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Scholarship Sampler

Thepressure of being a student can be compounded unnecessarily byfinancial woes. Keeping up the grades can be a problem if yourpart-time job gets in the way of studying. With some advance planning,you...

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Local News from All Over

AFRICA GM skeeters Malaria claims nearly a million lives a year on the African continent,and as pesticides such as DDT become increasingly ineffective againstthe disease’s mosquito vector...

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Coastal Communities Resource Centers take root

Mangrove Action Project Thecoastal area of North Sulawesi in Indonesia is famous for itsworld-class diving among the coral reefs off Bunaken National Park.Less famous but equally important are the ...

Sam Nugent

My Environmental Career Journey

When I decided to change my life by entering the environmental field, Ididn’t have a clue about what I could do, how to do it, or where to goto make my way. At the time, though, I didn’t c...

Ward Allebach

C-SAW battles mixing zone pollution

Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters October marked the 30th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. Even withthe Great Lakes dying and the Cuyahoga River on fire, it took aCongressional overri...

Gershon Cohen

Victories at CITES

Wildlife traffickers suffered stunning setbacks in Santiago, Chile inNovember when the 160-nation Convention on International Trade inEndangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) extended its le...

Craig Van Note

SAVE International

SAVE International Happy birthday, SAVE On August 26, Berkeley-based SAVE International celebrated its fifthanniversary on the UC Berkeley campus. The event provided anopportunity for SAVE to ...

Sheila Dickie

Australia’s ANWR

The secret plan to drill for oil just outside the Great Barrier Reef National Park

Jeremy Tager

World Sustainability Hearing special report: Grassroots Globalization Network

Grassroots Globalization Network Real results from Jo’burg At the recent World Sustainability Hearing in Johannesburg, SouthAfrica, regular civilians and civic leaders from around the gl...

Aaron G. Lehmer and James Phelan

Breast cancer and the Long Island study

Results from the long-awaited Long Island Breast Cancer Study werereleased this summer, and they dismayed many activists. Most reportersinterpreted the results as proof that pollutants did not cause b...

Barbara Brenner

World Sustainability Hearing special report

World Sustainability Hearing’s Project World Summit to the movement: “Do you have a pulse?” The UN’s World Summit on Sustainable Development was held at the end ofAugus...

Kelly Jones and Dr. Astrid Scholz

The last fish

America's fish stocks are crashing faster than Wall Street stocks last July, mostly for the same reason:

David Helvarg