California Rewriting Wastewater Rules

Hydro Nova Nearly 1.5 million California households live in areas without access to public sewers, and rely on septic systems to dispose of water used in their homes. However septic systems can and do...

Bob Feinbaum

EPA lets Florida taint drinking water

© Before EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman resigned from her office, she had decided to sign off on a rule-making decision drawn up by EPA water administrators declaring Flori...

Donald Sutherland

The search for truth

In our previous issue, I related the story of one Micah Spradling, who sued Dr. Michael Dini of Texas Tech for requiring a student to accept evolutionary theory before receiving a letter of recommenda...

Chris Clarke

BAWT Launches New Program

Bay Area Wilderness Training BAWT launches new program The Youth Wilderness Leadership Training will provide under-served and at-risk youth with opportunities to develop skills that will strengthen th...

EI Staff

Breathless in Harlem

Taylor and her cousin, two of more than 500 neighborhood kids with asthma. © Michael Misner Something is taking kids’ breath away in a pocket-sized neighborhood in New York City, and the primar...

Michael Misner


Six-month-old fish letters Thanks to David Helvarg for his piece “The Last Fish.” (Spring 2003 EIJ) It’s an old story, but his overview of government and private mismanagement of our...

EI Staff

Challenging the EPA Fertilizer Rule


Jim Hightower Until maybe 10 or 15 years ago, few Americans were paying much attention to food beyond its price. We’d become a thoroughly urban nation, more in touch with McDonald’s than O...

Jim Hightower

Everybody’s got a story

Courtesy gary cook gary cook, director of Earth Island’s Baikal Watch project, is fluent in several languages, including Russian, acquired during a childhood spent living abroad. An educated man...

Audrey Webb

Project to Document Endangered S. California Wildlands

Faultline Media Project Project will document the “last best Southern California wildlands” California’s largest privately owned open space is on the chopping block. Rugged and beaut...

EI Staff

Yggdrasil Institute

Yggrasil Institute In 1994, Mary Byrd Davis founded Yggdrasil Institute to consolidate, continue, and expand her work centering on nuclear issues. Yggdrasil is currently working extensively with the F...

EI Staff

International Marine Mammal Project

Congress Passes Conflicting Military Exemptions - Plus Court Blocks Bush's Dolphin Safe Label, Six Flags Fails to Get Orca, and Maui Bans Captive Cetacean Displays

Becky A. Dayhuff

The end of the oil age

Philippe Ames, © The atrocities of September 11, 2001 so dominated world news, politics, military affairs, and the economy that popular discussion soon divided all of recent hist...

Richard Heinberg

End-runs Around the Enrons

Grassroots Globalization Network End-runs around the Enrons As job losses rise, economic inequality worsens, and corruption deepens, democracy itself now seems to be caught in the crosshairs. A new ca...

Aaron G. Lehmer

Alaska: oil and the Natives

Though visually stunning, Alaska is the fourth most polluted state in the country. © It’s 14 years since the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. The oil industry still drives the ...

Winona Laduke

2003 Brower Youth Awards Winners Announced

Six Young Environmental Leaders to Receive $3,000 Each

EI Staff

A sustainable energy plan for the US

© Every morning when we rise, we flick on the lights and various electrical appliances before we drive or cycle off to work, school, or play. Somewhere far away, trucks haul coal int...

Guy Dauncey

Degradation Continues in China’s Mangroves

Mangrove Action Project Professor Han (second from left) and MAP director Alfredo Quarto (far right) in a replanted mangrove. ©Jim Enright Over 1,200 sites are designated by the Ramsar Convention on ...

EI Staff

Environmentalists respond to AIDS*

Earth Island Project battles the disease by encouraging small-scale, healthy farming

Chris Clarke