Emissions Trading? I Beg Your Indulgence

The ancient Roman Catholic doctrine of “indulgences” has been born again in the 21st century. The once popular practice allowed rich parishioners to purchase “remission” for th...

Gar Smith

Plight of the Bumblebee

Bombus franklini, a North American bumblebee, was last seen on August 9, 2006. Professor Emeritus Robbin Thorp, an entomologist at UC Davis, was doing survey work on Mt. Ashland in Oregon when he saw ...

Adam Federman

Operation Bite Back

Rod Coronado’s War to Save American Wilderness
by Dean Kuipers
295 pages, Bloomsbury, 2009

Adam Federman

Project News

The Cove, a documentary that follows the efforts of Ric O’Barry, International Marine Mammal Project, and the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition (Earth Island Institute, Elsa Nature Conservancy of Ja...


Hacking the Sky

Geo-Engineering Could Save the Planet…
And in the Process Sacrifice the World

Jason Mark

Across the Sea, Too Close to Home

Thirty years ago, my parents left the Philippines in search of the America of their dreams. Their uprooting was challenging in many ways, but it allowed me the chance to grow up in privilege. I went t...

Aileen Suzara

Project Coyote

Protecting America’s Song Dog


Dr. James Hansen

World Development Movement A recent New York Times article pointedly asked whether NASA climate scientist Dr. James Hansen still matters. The subtext to the story was, has Hansen been too vocal and...

Nell Greenberg

Global Service Corps

Promoting Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa


Bolivia’s Shimmering Gamble

Will a Barren Desert Be the Cradle for the Green Economy?

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky

The Audacity of Hope

The media baroness Arianna Huffington, ever a quick wit, has pointed out that Barack Obama’s nice-sounding phrase, the “Audacity of Hope,” has taken on a different spin during his ...

Jason Mark

Brower Youth Awards

Meet the 2009 Winners


Rumble in the Jungle

Timber or Tourists? Environmentalists are Fighting Each Other Over How Best to Protect Forests in Guatemala.

Michael Stoll

Letters & E-mails

Tell us what you think:editor@earthisland.org Letters to the Editor Earth Island Journal 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460 Berkeley, CA 94704 Have None for the PlanetDeborah Rich’s art...


Not a Drop To Drink

The Lerma Santiago River Is One of the Most Contaminated Waterways in Mexico. So Why Do Government Officials Want People to Drink It?

Jeff Conant

Hungry for Change

Food, Inc., Directed by Robert Kenner, Magnolia Pictures, 93 minutes
Fresh, Directed by Ana Sophia Jones, 72 minutes

Jason Mark

Local News from All Over

Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America AFRICAPetal ProblemDozens of flower farms surrounding Kenya’s Lake Naivasha are pulling so much water out of the lake that they threaten to...


Cat Fight

The Foreclosure Crisis Has Walloped Florida’s Gulf Coast, But Sprawl Still Threatens the State’s Endangered Panther.

Alex Halperin

Hope for Animals and Their World

by Jane Goodall with Thane Maynard and Gail Hudson
416 pages, Grand Central Publishing, 2009

Audrey Webb

Notes from a warming world

The Road To Hell…Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That regret might well be on the minds of the well-meaning environmentalists who helped phase out ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarb...


The Path Well Trodden

Tamalpais Walking


Soil Not Oil

by Vandana Shiva
144 pages, South End Press, 2008