Climate Change Threatens to Dry Up the Southwest’s Future

Jason Mark

Cadillac Desert

Sometimes, being prescient is no prize. First published in 1986, Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert: The American West and its Disappearing Water is, sadly, still relevant. Reisner’s core p...

Mark Reisner. 608 pages, Penguin, Revised 1993

All Aflutter

The Flap Over the Mail Order Butterfly Industry

Adam Federman


If someone you worshipped gave you an amazing gift, you’d take incredibly good care of it, right? That’s the question many religious leaders are asking of their congregations as a way of ...

Marty Ostrow and Terry Kay Rockefeller, directors; Fine Cut Productions

Earth Island Project Reports

Jennifer Castner Residents in the Altai region of Russia seek to reroute a planned gas pipeline. Ocean Embassy, a company planning to capture and traffic live dolphins in Panama, has closed in t...


Trouble in Paradise

The Struggle to Save Belize’s Glover’s Atoll

Jeremy Kryt and Jamie Ward

Brower Youth Awards

Meet Our 2008 Winners

Sharon Smith

Pink Water

Plastics, Pesticides, and Pills Are Contaminating Our Drinking Supply

Holly Pyhtila

Baikal Watch

Siberia Is Not a (Nuclear) Wasteland

Gary Cook

Return to Cochabamba

Eight Years Later, the Bolivian Water War Continues

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky

Liquid Confetti

At noon and five p.m. every day, a bell rings throughout the verdant coastal town of Ikumi Beach in the Shikoku Province of Japan. It is the communal lunch chime that later in the day doubles as a c...

Alexandra Cheney

China Rivers Project

Taking Brower’s Vision to the Grand Canyons of the East

Kristen Mcdonald

You Don't Miss Your Water Until Your Well Runs Dry

Robert Dawson


Manufacturing Thirst

The Hidden Water Costs of Our Industrial Economy

Kari Lydersen

South Africa’s Water Woes Echo Global Problems

June’s winter Westerlies are pelting Cape Town, but beyond the peaks of the Overberg, most of the country is experiencing South Africa’s typical rainless winter. It’s 6 a.m., and ou...

Gar Smith

Local News from All Over

AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth AmericaAFRICAThe $38 Million MosquitoMalaria, a disease transmitted primarily from mosquitoes, strikes the hardest in sub-Saharan Africa, where most of the es...


Tara Lohan

In the US, we have had the good fortune, mostly, to take for granted that water is a human right. Aside from summer drought warnings asking us to take shorter showers, very few states have felt the ...

Nell Greenberg

Notes from a warming world

Welcome to the AnthropoceneThe Geological Society of London is the oldest association of Earth scientists in the world. Its members, as author Mike Davis reports in Rachel’s Democracy & Hea...



Telecommute SolutionI just read Adam Federman’s article “Roadkill” (Summer 2008) and am hoping we can overcome some of the noise around congestion pricing and telework. At worst, co...


Running Dry: From the Editor

Several months after finishing author Maude Barlow’s fine book Blue Covenant, there’s a line I can’t get out of my head: “Farms, cities, and industries all over the world are … drilling deep...

Jason Mark