West Africa Rainforest Network – US

Nigeria – the engine room of Africa

Stephanie Alston

The battered border

Immigration policy sacrifices Arizona’s wilderness

Chris Clarke

Everyone’s got a story

Karen Gosling

Alison Bodenstab

The ecology of genocide

Sudan's environment

Shane Bauer

Brower Youth Awards

DavidBrower understood that although it’s important to dream, it’s even moreimportant to act on those dreams. He dedicated his life to creatingchange not just through activism, but also by...

EI Staff

Twenty years after Chernobyl

Whilethe Chernobyl disaster has faded into history in the minds ofWesterners, it still looms large over the people of Ukraine, Russia,and Belarus. Twenty years after the Chernobyl disaster, the former...

Liz Savage

Borneo Project

Penan continue blockade

Jessica Lawrence

The seed goes on

Strollthrough a local farmers’ market these days and you may happen to comeupon some unfamiliar produce: bell peppers shaped like miniature,wrinkled pumpkins. White squash and scalloped-edged me...

Alison Bodenstab

International Marine Mammal Project

Dolphin-safe tuna has less mercuryIMMP, which has pioneered efforts for the “Dolphin Safe” tuna label for more than two decades, recently hailed a new study regarding mercury in canned tun...

Mark J. Palmer

An Inconvenient Truth and Who Killed the Electric Car?

Ifinally got around to seeing An Inconvenient Truth before press time.If you, like me, have been telling yourself you don’t need to see itbecause you know all that stuff already, go see it anywa...

Chris Clarke


In 1994 my wifeBecky and I drove a long, dusty road through the Sonoran Desert, to aspring-fed pond fringed with tules and cottonwoods. It was January, andso the air was cool, a mere 80 degrees or so....

Chris Clarke

Earth Island project reports

EcoVillage Farm Learning Center hosted the 14th Annual Middle College High School Consortium Student LeadershipConference on Saturday, April 29, 2006. The theme of “CorporateResponsibility to th...

EI Staff

Life without cars

Ed Schilling“American cars and pickup trucks are responsible for nearly half of thegreenhouse gases emitted by automobiles globally, even though thenation’s vehicles make up just 30 percen...

Ed Schilling

To the Earth Island Journal

Cetacean correction I appreciated Mark Palmer’s piece “Remembering Maxine McCloskey”, whicha friend forwarded to me here in Jerusalem. However, the Whale Busstarted as a project o...

EI Staff

Bolivia burning

An environmentalist’s vision in ashes

Christine Fennessy

Local News from All Over

AFRICAWest African Black Rhino Feared ExtinctWhileits cousins are slowly recovering, the West African black rhino isfeared to be extinct. Last seen in northern Cameroon, there has been nosign of the r...

EI Staff

Health without harm

Prescriptions for the heathcare industry's ills

Liz Savage