Everyone’s got a story

Illai Kenney

Natale Servino

Navajos ban uranium mining

Navajos(Dinés) who have lost family members from radioactive contamination –and those fighting new proposals for uranium development – celebratedthe passage April 19 of the Dine Nat...

Winona LaDuke

A Pervasive Presence

Thelast three months have seen a rather startling number of news storiesabout wildlife species showing up where they weren’t expected. In June,biologists announced a breeding pair of least Bell&...

Chris Clarke

UniversitÁrea Protegida

UniversitÁrea Protegida UniversitÁrea Protegida (UÁP) works with Nicaraguan university students in natural reservesthroughout the country to promote research, conservation, and...

EI Staff

Alaska’s Crude Threat

Oil spills on the North Slope are routine, and so are oil executives’ lies about them.Thousandsof caribou and other types of wildlife will be displaced if DClawmakers pass a measure to a...

Jason Leopold

To the Earth Island Journal

Angry about Heifer I was very disappointed to see the article about Heifer International [Summer 2005 EIJ],a well-intentioned group that provides animals to impoverished people.The problem is that wh...

EI Staff

Center for Safe Energy

Fighting nuclear waste disposal in Kazakhstan

Tamara Kowalski

Sedimental Journey

Gray “veneer” flakes off an exfoliating canyon wall. Photo: Hank TurnerDuringEaster week in 1965, two dozen people paid a farewell visit to thelower Escalante River on the Colorado Plateau...

Tom Turner

NASCAR goes green?

New tracks touted as good for the planet

Natale Servino

Borneo Project

ThePenan women of Long Lunyim are now cultivating rice and vegetables toreverse the malnutrition caused by forest degredation from industriallogging. Photo: Jessica LawrencePenan restore biodiversity,...

Jessica Lawrence

It’‘s in the bag

From Trashy to Flashy

Katherine Elizabeth Renz

Toxic tour

Drive through one of the West Coast’s deadliest neighborhoods

Gar Smith

PZ Myers

“Imagine that a scientist and a libertarian go out for a drive one day…” Fromthe day Bush took office, it’s been his policy to disregard the adviceand findings of environmental scien...

PZ Myers

Harvest in the city

New York gardeners bring fresh, healthy food to the less-affluent

Margarida Correia

International Marine Mammal Project

Another big court win for dolphins The International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) is celebrating an important legal victory for dolphins in the USCourt of Appeals. A three-judge panel unanimously tu...

Mark J. Palmer

Local News from All Over

AFRICA Global warming and malaria Thenumber of South Africans at risk for malaria will quadruple by the year2020 as global warming brings infected mosquitoes south. Mosquitoescarrying the malaria ...

EI Staff

Earth Island project reports

In the Light of Reverence, the documentary produced and directed by Christopher McLeod of Sacred Land Film Project, was recently awarded the Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film and Digital Medi...

EI Staff

Reef Protection International

Photo: photos.comA revolution for the ocean Theworld suffered a recent enormous human tragedy on the Indian Ocean’sshores. Oceans themselves have also suffered greatly in the past year.Millions of t...

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and Drew Weiner

KIDS for the BAY

Kids for the Bay Program Director Kristina Cervantes-Yoshida helpsSeaview Elementary School students test water quality at Garrity Creekin San Pablo, California. Photo: Keturah AshfieldEPA Award KID...

—Sarah Givens