Ebb and Flow

Cultured VulturesIndia – Comparing the achievement to the explosion of India’s first nuclear bomb, scientists at the Guru Ghasidas University announced that they had introduced genetically...

Robin Sowell

Honest Politicians

Ethics in politics can work wonders. Case in point: Senator Jim Jeffords, whose principles and courage triggered a political role reversal in Washington. Jeffords’ environmental commitment is si...

Robin Sowell

The Jetcraft Juggernaut

More Airplanes, More Airports, More Delays and More Pollution

Peter Fisher

Computing Your Tree Debt

ECO-Tourist Journal

Robin Sowell

Watch Out for Whales!

Bluewater Network

Teri Shore

Swiss Go Dolphin-Safe

International Marine Mammal Project Zurich – On April 4, the Working Group for the Protection of Marine Mammals-Switzerland (ASMS) and Earth Island Institute joined forces with Switzerland&rs...

Sigrid E. Luber, Chair ASMS

Eco Mole

Organizers of the Summit of the Americas in Quebec offered the world’s biggest multinationals the opportunity to make private “welcoming remarks” to George W. Bush, Canadian Prime Mi...

Robin Sowell

Green Activism

Goldman Foundation

Robin Sowell

‘You’re Dead? We’re Proud!’ US Snuffs Tobacco Treaty

Last October, in a replay of its role in killing a treaty designed to control global warming, the US turned its back on the world community and drove a stake through attempts to finalize the Internati...

Gar Smith


In the spring issue, IMMP reported that “Japan’s National Fisheries Agency sent officials to [the towns of] Futo and Taiji to warn local fishers to beware of activists taking pictures.R...


The Bakun Dam is Back

Borneo Project News Report

Harlan Thompson

Bluewater In the News

Bluewater Network Cruise Ship PollutionAt the beginning of this year, representatives from six California state agencies were selected to form a Cruise Ship Environmental Task Force to investigate ...

Robin Sowell

Making Waves

EII in the News

Robin Sowell

The Wind that Blows Over Our Ancestors

Nature’s Power, Enron and Native Lands

Winona LaDuke

Whaling in the Caribbean

St. Lucia – Eastern Caribbean islands are killing whales and dolphins in numbers that represent one of the largest officially recorded intentional cetacean kills in North and South America. T...

Donald Sutherland

Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto

A Canadian Farmer Resists Genetic Pollution

Gar Smith

Ethanol: Fueling a Rural Revival

Climate Solutions Today rural America is in trouble. Low crop prices are squeezing families off the land and farm populations are declining to unprecedented lows. Many small towns have trouble main...

Patrick Mazza

Sounding Off on the Navy’s Sonar

International Marine Mammal Project At long last, the public got its turn to question the US Navy’s proposal to deploy one of the loudest man-made noisemakers into the world’s oceans to...

Mark J. Palmer

Positive Notes

Clean Air WinsIn a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court ruled (Whitman vs. American Trucking) that the EPA can set clean-air standards based on public health alone and need not take economic consid...

Robin Sowell

The Right to Be Heard

Globalization versus the First Amendment

David Duemler

Whales Threatened by Oil

The West Pacific gray whale, once believed extinct, now clings to life in Siberia’s Sea of Okhotsk. A major US-Russia oil project in the waters off Sakhalin Island now threatens the whale’...

Robin Sowell

Prayer & Witness for the Earth

Reverend Fred Small was arrested at the Department of Energy building after delivering the following homily during the Prayer & Witness for the Earth demonstration in Washington, DC, held on May 3...

Fred Small

Luna Still Stands

Circle of Life Foundation Luna, the ancient redwood where environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill lived for more than two years, has survived an illegal chainsaw cut that was discovered last fa...

Dana Stolzman

Cancel the ‘Year of Ecotourism’

An Open Letter to UN Secretary Kofi Annan

Chee Yoke Ling, Anita Pleumarom & Meenakshi Raman

One Victim’s Story

Joe Harding was one of many workers exposed to radiation at Union Carbide’s uranium-processing plant in Paducah, Kentucky. “I spent all those years breathing uranium hexafluoride gas that ...

Gar Smith

Stop the Nuclear Brushfires

DOE Plans to Burn Radioactive Fields at US Nuclear Sites

Paula Elofson-Gardine & Susan Hurst

Stop Mexico’s New Airport

Group of 100Opposing Mexico City’s new airport may ruffle some feathers, but it will save thousands of migratory birds. Mexico City’s proposed new airport would destroy Lake Texcoco, on...

Homero Aridjis

Nick’s Long Walk

Bay Area Wilderness Training Imagine waking up at 6 a.m. every morning, knowing you have thousands of miles to hike until reaching your destination. In contrast to mountain climbing, hiking the 2,6...

Robin Sowell

The Children of Chernobyl

The Ukraine Health Ministry claims that 125,000 Ukrainians have died from diseases related to the April 26, 1986 Chernobyl nuclear explosion. Troubling new reports reveal that the nuclear power accide...

Realm Magazine/Third Opinion

A ‘Green Airport’? Meet the StarPort

This airport is inclined to reduce pollution

Jim Starry

‘Mad Pet’ Disease

Mad Cow Disease is Killing Europe’s Pets

Ann N. Martin

The Global Diet

A recent GenerAsians survey asked 5,700 Asia-Pacific youngsters in nine different countries to name their favorite food and drink. Their answers tell a disturbing story: Australia: McDonald’s...

Robin Sowell

Nick’s Notes: Insights from the Trail

Bay Area Wilderness Training The PCT ranges in elevation from just above sea level along the Columbia River in Washington to 13,180 feet atop Forester Pass in central California.Between the extreme...

Nick Brown

Around the World

Italy – Fearing that their increased incidents of leukemia were caused by exposure"to "electrosmog" (powerful radio waves), residents of a Rome neighborhood appealed to Italy&rsqu...

Robin Sowell

I Was Fired for Posting a Map

Bush’s war against information

Ian Thomas

The Nuclear Body Count

Nuclear Power is Neither ‘Cheap’ nor ‘Clean’

Eduardo Gonclaves

Bari and Cherney vs. USA

Eleven years ago, a car bomb nearly killed two Earth First activists. Darryl Cherney was temporarily deafened and partially blinded. Judi Bari was severely injured when the bomb detonated directly ben...

Robin Sowell

Monopoly: A First Amendment Right?

Federal Communications Commission Chair Michael Powell (his father is “Secretary of State” Colin Powell) wants to eliminate the anti-monopoly restrictions that currently prevent media cong...

Robin Sowell

Protecting Asia’s Wildlife

Tibetan Plateau Project In mid-April, Earth Island Institute, acting on behalf of the Tibetan Plateau Project (TPP), joined in filing one of the first Endangered Species Act lawsuits against the Bu...

Justin Lowe

Dear Journal

“Slanderous” CoverIf you people are going to be slandering our president on the cover of your tree-hugger magazine, I do not care to receive it. I’m sick and tired of you imbicile [s...

Robin Sowell

Solutions: 23 Ways to Ease Our Impact on the Earth

A solar-box cooker is a great way to feed a family. But if you want to feed the entire community, it takes a Villager Sun Oven [39 W 835 Midan Drive, Elburn, IL 60119, (630) 208-7273, http://www.sunov...

Robin Sowell

The Global Monoculture

‘Free Trade’ versus Culture and Democracy

Maude Barlow

Burn the Jets; Warm the Planet

Ethical Consumer

Matthew Fawcett

Resources for Media Democracy

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University [http://www.brennancenter.org] focuses on campaign finance reform. Institute for Public Accuracy [http://www.accuracy.org] Project Censored [htt...

Robin Sowell


International Marine Mammal Project The 1993 hit movie Free Willy and its two sequels raised international concerns about the cruel practice of keeping marine mammals captive for human entertainmen...

Mark Berman

Drilling Alaska; Undermining the US

“On the evidence of its environmental policies to date [the Bush] administration is not merely pro-business: it actually appears to hold a grudge against the natural world.” —The Guardian, L...

Robin Sowell