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A River of Money Runs Through It

Chris van Es, America is under assault from a deadly, insidious, and persistent pollutant. This pernicious contaminant threatens our health, safety, and way of life. Its noxious emi...

Annie Leonard

Flying Less Is about Environmental and Social Equity

-John Stewart, author of Why Noise Matters, has been a transport and environmental activist for the past 30 years. He chaired the coalition of organizations that defeated plans for a third runway at L...

John Stewart

Brower Youth Awards

Meet the 2012 Winners!


Money to Burn

Oil and Gas Interests Are Spending Big to Keep Their Allies in Office

Sharon Kelly

Raj Patel

Raj Patel is no fan of messiahs and iconic leaders. “One bright shining light is dangerous,” says the writer, activist, and academic who was once mistaken as the savior of humankind by an obscure ...


Notes from a Warming World

Iron Sink It appears that dumping iron in the sea can help suck carbon out of the air and bury it underwater, like, forever. New research by a team of international researchers published in the journa...


Cash for Trash

The Country’s Largest Garbage Company is Lobbying to Repeal State Laws that Boost Composting

Jason Mark

Hunt, Fish… and Save the Planet

Greens with Guns: How can the values of hunters and anglers fit within an environmentalist ethic?

James Card

Politics and Plutocrats: a Parade of Inequality

America is currently engaged in the most expensive presidential contest in world history. In the United States, money doesn’t just talk – it dictates. How can we hope to make progress on the path ...

Gar Smith

Shut Up Money

Big Ag is Pushing Laws to Silence its Critics

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Unseen Landscapes

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot
By Robert Macfarlane
Hamish Hamilton, 2012, 448 pages

Adam Federman

Weird Science

The Promise and Peril of Synthetic Biology

Jeff Conant

Citizens United Against Citizens United

A Movement Is Building to Amend the Constitution

Riki Ott

Captive Time Bombs

Death at SeaWorld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity
by David Kirby,
St. Martin’s Press, 2012, 469 pages

Mark J. Palmer

Pay to Play

In a move that immediately became irresistible fodder for late night comics and editorial cartoonists, the Republican-controlled North Carolina Legislature this summer approved a law that bars state a...

Jason Mark

The Rise and Fall of the East Sand Empire

On the Columbia River, Conservation Biologists Find that Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will

Eric Wagner

We’ve Been Here Before

American History Offers a Hopeful Lesson in Checking Corporate Power

Ted Nace

Reclaiming the Wilderness

I can still recall the memory with total clarity: I was afraid that the wind would lift me off the ground and carry me over the edge of the world. I knew if I let go of my parents’ hands, I would lo...

Shelton Johnson

Letters & Emails

Anywhere Row Stephanie Elizondo Griest’s story, “Life on Refinery Row” (Summer, 2012) was simply great. Corpus Christi’s story could very well be that of El Paso, TX. Even though ASARCO’s co...


What’s in a Name?

Douglas Gayeton’s Lexicon of Sustainability


Up in the Air over Flying

There’s no getting around it – flying is the single most carbon intensive activity an individual can undertake. The global aviation industry is responsible for nearly 5 percent of all emissions. S...


Local News from All Over

Asia Guerilla Radio You might not associate Justin Bieber or Rihanna with environmental causes, but in one part of the world their music is helping save primates. In the breaks between a heavy rotatio...


The Worst Environment Money Can Buy

A special report on the environmental pollutant
called money in politics


Get Comfortable on the Horns of this Dilemma

+Jeff Greenwald is executive director of Ethical Traveler, an Earth Island-sponsored project that seeks to use the economic clout of tourism to protect human rights and the environment. His travel wri...

Jeff Greenwald