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A Question of Ethics I read with interest your list of countries viewed as ethical tourism destinations (“Ethical Traveler,” Spring). But given the issue of climate change and the vast amount of f...


Project Survival Media

Local Solutions

Madeline Kovacs

Solar Belongs on Rooftops

David Myers has spent 33 years as the head of various California land conservation organizations. For the past 16 years, he has been the Executive Director of The Wildlands Conservancy, which owns Cal...

David Myers

Night Vision

A writer takes a journey into the dark and finds that there is a lot to see

Christopher Ketcham

Disaster in Another Language

The Oil Spill May Hit the Gulf’s Vietnamese Community Hardest

Elizabeth Grossman and Jason Mark

Plastic Pollution Coalition

The Bioplastic Labyrinth


To Fight Big Pollution, We Need Big Solar

As spokesperson for the Solar Energy Industries Association, the nonprofit national trade association of the solar industry, Monique Hanis represents 1,000 companies across the solar supply chain. Han...

Monique Hanis

From Grand Bargain to Devil’s Bargain

How the BP Disaster Sank the Climate Bill

RIchard Graves

Web of Destruction


Amy Westervelt and Innosanto Nagara

New Earth Island Projects

Earth Island Institute is proud to announce these new projects… Sustainable Alliance of Nature and Design @ Ocean Beach (SAND@OB) The purpose of SAND@OB is to preserve San Francisco’s Ocean Beach ...


Crude World

By Peter Maas
288 pages, Knopf, 2009

Chris Milton

Local News from All Over

Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America Africa Shell Game One of the few positives to come out of the BP gusher is a sudden awareness of the impact of offshore drilling throughout the r...


International Marine Mammal Project

The Cove Spurs Free-Speech Dialogue in Japan; IWC Spares Whaling Moratorium

Mark J. Palmer

Who’s Going to Clean Up This Mess?

3 Films

Amy Westervelt

Who’s in Charge Here?

In late July, as the Eastern Seaboard sweated through the second punishing heat wave of a restless summer, it was difficult to know which was the worse environmental disaster: the just-barely-containe...

Jason Mark

Notes from a Warming World

Value Proposition Which is more valuable: a country or an economy? Such was the existential question posed by a recent UN vote. The Association of Small Island States (AOSIS), a consortium of low-lyin...


Awfully Beautiful

David Maisel


Don’t Be Such a Scientist

by Randy Olson
216 pages, Island Press, 2009


We Are All Louisianans

About 7,000 years ago, global sea levels stabilized and the Mississippi River began creating a broad delta at the southern edge of North America. Over millennia, mud from the Missouri River, Ohio Rive...

Jason Mark

“Ecocide”: The Fifth War Crime?

“What does it matter to us? Look away if it makes you sick.” — Heinrich Himmler, in response to outrage about Auschwitz That quote appeared at the top of an article in the Summer 1997 Earth Isla...

Gar Smith

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson

Paul Watson doesn’t care what you think. The captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been putting himself between whales and harpoon ships for more than 30 years, preventing the killing...


Schneider’s Last Stand

Science as a Contact Sport
by Stephen Schneider, PhD
290 pages, National Geographic Books, 2010

Amy Westervelt

No Comment

Despite a flood of information about the Gulf spill, there’s very little understanding of its impacts.

Elizabeth Grossman

Announcing the 2010 BYA Winners!

Save the Date!


Not a Square to Spare

Toilet paper, it turns out, grows on trees

Noelle Robbins

Leave the Leaves

Leaves are one of nature’s most miraculous creations. They tie it all together. They rise from the ground, reach to the sky, and bring life to the earth. Leaves do many good things – manufacture f...

Shepherd Bliss

Hide and Leak

BP’s Cleanup Is More Like a Cover up. Holding the Company Accountable Will Require Digging for the Truth.

Riki Ott

Sustainable World Coalition

Required Reading


Got a Light?

Deserts vs. Big Solar


Forests Forever

Environmentalists and Logging Companies in Canada Recently Inked One of the Biggest Conservation Agreements in History. Can the Deal Stick?

Christopher Pala