Another City is Possible
The key to regenerative cities ultimately rests in a broad sense of community.
Maureen Nandini Mitra


Can a City be Sustainable?

Is the compact urban center model nothing more than a desperate attempt at harm reduction?

Max Wilbert

A City’s Footprint?

Ideally, large enough for self-sufficiency, small enough for reciprocity.

Lena Greenberg

Collaboration, Not Control

Understanding what water wants can help protect built environments from floods and droughts, store carbon, and restore homes for other-than-human life.

Erica Gies

The Future is Electric

A low cost way to decarbonize our buildings already exists.

Lacey Tan

Going Back to Move Forward

By adopting zero waste systems, cities can redress historic injustices and cool the climate.

Claire Arkin Cat Diggs

It’s Time to Prioritize Moving People Over Cars

Streets that invite people to walk, bike, scoot, and take reliable public transit are good for our health and climate.

Amy Thomson

To Our Readers

Cities Lite

Can we reinvent our urban spaces so that they have less of an impact on Earth?

Maureen Nandini Mitra

The Long Game

The Path to Change

Can we find a way to a reimagined future and a chance to live out our dreams?

Carolyn Finney

Earth Island Reports

Helping Property Owners Manage Their Streams

California Urban Streams Partnership shows Contra Costa County homeowners how to be stewards of their watersheds.

Jessica Hall

Meet the 2022 Brower Youth Award Winners

From local restoration initiatives to divestment campaigns, this year's awardees demonstrate the power of youth leadership.

Journal Staff

1000 Words

Natural Truth

The Swiss duo Nevercrew’s murals find new ways to explore an enduring environmental dilemma.

Brian Calvert


Can Smart Cities be Good Cities?
The UN’s new playbook for urban planners advocates for a more humane, inclusive digital transformation.
Kat Friedrich
Nature-Enabled Urban Design
Innovative infrastructure projects find inspiration in the wild to restore urban air, waterways, and coastlines.
Scott Burnham
Greening the Grey
London’s surge towards nature-based flood protection.
Abigail Spink
Our Ancient Future
Mexico City’s floating gardens offer a vision for a sustainable urban food system.
Ocean Malandra
Taking it Indoors
In urban schools in New York, Maryland, California, and beyond, hydroponic farms are being used as teaching tools that also address food-access challenges.
Lisa Held
Tackling Heat Inequity
For many US cities, building climate resilience also requires reckoning with their racist past.
Malee Baker Oot
Fifteen-Minute Cities
The idea that we should be able to access our daily needs via a short walk or bike ride is catching on in cities across the world.
Catherine Early


High Water

Urban designer Kristina Hill helps cities and frontline communities adapt to rising sea levels.

Kate B. Littleboy

In Review

Finding Meaning in Wastelands

In Review: Natura Urbana: Ecological Constellations in Urban Space

Leah Campbell

The Music of Home

In Review: Sounds Wild and Broken: Sonic Marvels, Evolution’s Creativity, and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction

Michael Engelhard


Falling Anchovies, Dancing Butterflies

On the wonders of exploring nature in San Francisco.

Emil Fogarino as told to Helen J. Doyle

Talking Points

Talking Points: Autumn 2022

News in Brief

Journal Staff