The Battle for Greater Chaco
The federal government seems poised to rubberstamp more fossil fuel development in northwestern New Mexico. Native communities are pushing back.
Randall Hyman

Feature Articles

Going Mobile

Are dynamic Marine Protected Areas the solution to our rapidly changing ocean ecosystems?

Austin Price

In the Arctic, a Conflict over Hoof and Claw

Norway’s recovered golden eagle populations are a joy for conservationists. But Sami herders say the raptor’s taste for reindeer threatens their way of life.

Kang-Chun Cheng

Double Exposure

For centuries, the Quilombola people, descendants of escaped African slaves, have survived against insurmountable odds in the Amazon rainforest. Now industrial pollution and a pandemic are threatening their existence.

Cicero Pedrosa Neto Adriana Abreu Sam Schramski

Loved to Death

Our longing to be near wild things is forcing millions of creatures indoors. Outdoors, meanwhile, life’s richness grows poorer.

Peter Christie

To Our Readers

Use Your Voice: Vote!

If we want to raise the alarm on climate, we’ve got to speak up and demand that our elected leaders heed us.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Digging Deeper

Decoding Corporate Spin of Black Lives Matter

If companies are really committed to Black lives, their statements of support should include an honest reckoning with their own products and practices.

Anna Lappé

Earth Island Reports

Meet the 2020 Brower Youth Award Winners

This year’s winners demonstrate the importance of working across borders and unifying our efforts to protect this planet and its people.

Journal Staff

The Outdoors is for Everyone

Junior Wildlife Ranger has launched a virtual badge program that gets kids of all backgrounds outside while safely social-distancing.

Margo Rosenbaum and Serena Bourque

1000 Words

A Return to Nature

Ian Shive’s work has taken him around the world, but he’s best known for his incredible images of America’s public lands.

Zoe Loftus-Farren


‘We Need to Focus On People As Well’

In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, access to sanitation still isn’t a guarantee. Catherine Coleman Flowers has been working to fix that.

Kate B. Littleboy

In Review

Lessons From the White Continent

Researchers are looking for clues in the past to understand how elevated carbon levels will affect the Antarctic ice sheet in the future.

Robert Beringer

Science as Literature

The flight patterns of swifts are a fable “teaching us how to make right decisions in the face of oncoming bad weather.


Schooled by Nature

Helping kids turn their love for the environment into action.

Mandi Billinge

Talking Points

Talking Points: Autumn 2020

News in Brief

Journal Staff