Sustainable World Coalition

A Spring of Online Learning

Sustainable World Coalition (SWC) is turbocharging its efforts to educate, inspire, and activate people toward a just and sustainable future through two major new initiatives.

On March 26, SWC will kick off “Spring of Sustainability” (SoS) – the largest virtual sustainability-education-and-engagement initiative ever. A three-month series of live and virtual events produced in partnership with the 160,000-member Shift Network, SoS will feature teleseminars with 100 top leaders in sustainability, such as Jane Goodall, Paul Hawken, Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, Joanna Macy, and Julia Butterfly Hill, globally synchronized live symposiums and workshops, and self-organizing local community events such as neighborhood theme potlucks and community garden creation.

SWC and The Shift Network are recruiting affiliate organizations to partner with in promoting SoS to their members, in return for a 50 percent share of the revenue from Spring of Sustainability products (e.g., downloads, transcripts) purchased by their members.

SWC has also launched “Co-Creating A Thriving World,” a new multimedia telecourse. Set in 7- and 14-week formats, this interactive certificate course is designed to deepen understanding about sustainable living and further effective action. The courses include a weekly 90-minute conference call, an online forum, and dozens of intriguing individual and group activities. It offers experiences that can change your life while you work with your classmates to contribute to solutions to our most pressing issues, from local to global.

For more information on SoS and the multimedia course, visit

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You Make Our Work Possible

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