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The pressure of being a student can be compounded unnecessarily by financial woes. Keeping up the grades can be a problem if your part-time job gets in the way of studying. With some advance planning, you can help ease your way through university by applying for scholarships and grants.

Here are a few important websites to visit as you plan your strategy for additional financial security:
Not only does this site give you excellent tips on where to look for money, it also provides great suggestions on how to prepare your applications. With over 50 direct links to local and national scholarship providers, this site should be your first stop.

However, don’t make it your last stop! Here are a few more notable locations to browse for bucks:
Brower Youth Awards have been presented since 2000 to honor the late David Brower, founder of Earth Island Institute. Each year, six environmental activists aged 13 - 22 are awarded $3,000. Successful applicants have a track record of work on behalf of communities and the environment that epitomizes the principles of Conservation, Preservation and Restoration, or what David Brower referred to as “CPR for the Earth”. Deadline for the 2003 awards is September 30, 2003. For more information, contact Cindy Arch: (415) 788-3666 x160 or
If you come from Alabama (with or without a banjo on your knee) check out these pickings. Legacy, a non-profit organization designed to encourage Alabama residents to be environmentally responsible through environmental education. The 2003 awards will total $30,000, to be distributed among undergraduate, graduate and doctoral applications pursuing a career in the environmental field. Eligible applicants must be a resident of Alabama, and must also be enrolled in a university or four-year college program in that state.

For more details, contact:

Legacy, Inc.
PO Box 3813
Montgomery, AL 36109
Phone: (334) 270-5921

Or download the scholarship guidelines and application form online. Deadline for submission is May 2, 2003.

Here’s a macaroni company that wants to put a feather in your cap!

Every year, Annie’s Homegrown grants at least $25,000 through its Environmental Studies scholarship program. The money is awarded to 25 students, who each receive $1,000. Applicants must be pursuing a degree in environmental studies at a 2- or 4-year technical or college program in the United States. You can request an application by mail, telephone, or email:

Annie’s Homegrown
Environmental Studies Scholarship Program
PO Box 554
Wakefield, MA 01880
(781) 224-9639

Or visit the website ( and complete your application online. While you’re at it, follow links for a coupon for Annie’s pasta. If you’re going to school, you’ll need all the financial breaks you can get!

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