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Three new projects…

Earth Island Reports

It’s always exciting to have new members join the Earth Island Institute family. We extend a hearty welcome to three new projects.

YEA Camp is an inspiring summer leadership program for youth (12-17- years-old) who want to make a difference in the world. The week-long, sleep-away program is designed to be a transformative experience that builds life-long friendships among youth with similar interests in bettering their communities. Learn more at www.yeacamp.org.

Renew Missouri was formed in 2006 to advance efficiency and renewable energy in Missouri. At the time, Missouri ranked 49th in the country on renewable energy. Through its advocacy work, Renew Missouri has helped Missouri become the 27th state with a Renewable Energy Standard. Missouri is now ranked 43rd in energy efficiency. Learn more about this project’s work and future goals at www.renewmo.org.

Armenian Environmental Network (AEN) was founded in 2007 as a response to the lack of information about environmental issues in Armenia. AEN has a dual mission – to share environmental news among the Armenian Diaspora, Armenians living in Armenia, and the global conservation community; and to facilitate partnerships between these communities to promote sustainable development in Armenia. Find out more at www.armenia-environment.org.

You Make Our Work Possible

You Make Our Work Possible

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