Our Family is Growing

New Earth Island Institute Projects

Here are some of the exciting projects we were delighted to welcome into our fold in the past year.

California Institute for Community, Art & Nature:

Run by veteran author, activist, and former publisher of Heyday Books, Malcolm Margolin, this new project aims to promote a sustainable, healthy, diverse, and beautiful world using imagination, creativity, and good humor.

Public Lands Media:

In the age of “alternative facts,” Public Lands Media serves as an independent and ecologically informed voice offering nuanced perspectives on key environmental issues.

photo of an outdoor hillsidephoto Harminder Desi Kelly Creek Legal Support Fund is supporting efforts to establish a greenbelt that would connect downtown Petaluma, CA to Helen Putnam Regional Park (pictured above).

Kelly Creek Legal Support Fund:

This project works to support a community effort to protect a 58-acre parcel of land in Petaluma, California, and the plant, animal, and community resources it contains from excessive suburban housing development.

In Solidarity

From his orders to revive the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines to his bans on immigration, Donald Trump’s first months in office have brought heartbreaking news to those fighting for the environment, and for justice and equality. Earth Island Institute stands in solidarity with all those who are threatened by the current administration’s policies, including immigrants, communities of color, women, LGBTQ communities, Indigenous communities, Muslims, and our nonhuman fellow beings.

We remain committed to working towards a healthy and just world where all people and nature can thrive, and we will continue to honor, support, and encourage creative solutions to make that vision possible.

Cultivate Oregon:

Founded by a group of food and farming activists, Cultivate Oregon is an alliance of farmers, individuals, organizations, and businesses in Oregon that are working to expand socially and environmentally responsible agriculture. The project promotes natural agrobiodiversity, pollinator and soil health, seed heritage, and food chain transparency.

Richmond Trees:

The mission of Richmond Trees is to promote and grow the City of Richmond’s urban forest and green infrastructure through community planting, tree care, education, and advocacy in order to improve the health and well-being of the diverse Richmond community.

Junior Wildlife Ranger:

A hub for ranger programs around the country, Junior Wildlife Ranger (formerly National Junior Refuge Rangers) propels childhood curiosity into lasting environmental stewardship. Through an interactive approach to environmental education, the program cultivates an appreciation of our public lands system and the outdoors.

The Wild Oyster Project:

Before industrial activities such as filling, dredging, and channelization changed it, the San Francisco Bay had a significant intertidal habitat with millions of oysters living on expansive reefs. Today, only a tiny fraction of the oyster population exists. The Wild Oyster Project works to bring native oysters back to the Bay through restoration, community engagement, and thoughtful urban planning.

Numi Foundation:

Numi Foundation’s mission is to nurture and empower thriving communities. It envisions a world where all basic human needs are met and people have the resources to fulfill their greatest potential. Globally, the project provides Numi Organic Tea’s fair trade farming communities with access to clean, safe drinking water. Locally, in its backyard of Oakland, California, it offers experiential gardening, arts, and social studies curricula to low-income K-8 public schools.

Transition Earth:

In a world of unsustainable population and economic growth, Transition Earth promotes human rights and nature’s rights, and advocates for a global systems change to enable the shift to a sustainable planet for all. The project’s vision is to foster a healthy, resilient world grounded in holistic, rights-based approaches to global problems, including empowering women, supporting voluntary family planning, addressing overconsumption, and redefining economies.

To learn more about these and other Earth Island projects, please visit: eii.org/projects

You Make Our Work Possible

You Make Our Work Possible

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