The Worst Environment Money Can Buy

A special report on the environmental pollutant
called money in politics


a painting depicting the character 'uncle sam' in the guises of the 'see-no-evil', etc. monkeys, borne on the palm of a giant; an industrial wasteland is behind

A River of Money Runs Through It

America is under assault from a deadly, insidious, and persistent pollutant. This pernicious contaminant threatens our health, safety, and way of life. Its noxious emissions are rising fast, fouling every corner of our nation. It attacks our brains, distorting rational thinking and decision-making. It poisons the air of civilized discourse. It has made it all but impossible to achieve meaningful progress on climate change, chemical policy, and a long list of other environmental issues confronting our country and our planet.

I’m talking, of course, about the influence of money on American democracy. … more …

Money to Burn
Oil and Gas Interests are Spending Big to Keep their Allies in Office.
Cash for Trash
The Country’s Largest Garbage Company is Lobbying to Repeal state Laws that Boost Composting.
Shut Up Money
Big Ag is Pushing Laws to Silence its Critics.
Citizens United Against Citizens United
A Movement Is Building to Amend the Constitution.
We’ve Been Here Before
American History Offers a Hopeful Lesson in Checking Corporate Power.
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