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Bluewater Network has achieved a breakthrough in attempts to reduce greehouse gas emissions from California’s passenger vehicles. The approval of Assemblymember Fran Pavley’s AB 1058 (sponsored by Bluewater), requires the California Air Resources Board to develop regulations for the most cost-effective and technologically feasible means to reduce CO2 emissions from cars and light trucks by January 1, 2004. The Legislature will then have one year to review and adopt these regulations. Transportation accounts for 58 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 31 percent nationwide). If the California Senate approves AB 1058 this summer, the bill will go to the governor later this year. For more information on AB 1058, visit

Faultline Magazine [], Earth Island’s newest project, covers California’s environment from a Californian perspective. From the time of John Muir, California has been the birthplace of green sensibility, and many environmental issues play out in California first as the world watches. No other independent publication covers the broad range of California environmental issues - wilderness to urban, bad news and hopeful trends - with a regional perspective. Heading Faultline’s team of veteran journalists is Chris Clarke, a former EIJ editor. By promoting a deeper connection to the land, Faultline hopes to help its online readers protect this diverse place called the state of California.

Boreal Footprint Project and The Taiga Rescue Network have co-authored a study entitled “Sustainable for Whom?” [] that examines the social benefits for small boreal communities whose forests are sustainably managed under the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. The study, which is based on the experience of communities in Sweden and Canada, analyzes how ownership and access to land are crucial to fostering social sustainability in forest communities. The report has been requested by individuals and organizations from India to the Arctic and was recently cited by the United Nation’s newsletter on non-timber forest products.

The Yggdrasil Institute (YI) has published an online update of YI Director Mary Byrd Davis’ guide, Nuclear France: Materials and Sites 2002, []. The guide, in English and French, provides a fully annotated and meticulously researched source of information on the distribution and origins of nuclear material in France. An updated version of Davis’ 1997 book, La France nucléaire: matières et sites, the guide contains extensive related links, a list of relevant abbreviations and a search engine for researchers. [PO Box 131, Georgetown, KY 40324,]

SAVE International was one of 25 organizations, companies and individuals chosen to receive the Favorite “Little Engine That Could” Award bestowed by GoodThings, Inc., a Seattle-based media group. SAVE International’s work to save Taiwan’s endangered Black-faced Spoonbill admirably fit GoodThings’ mission to promote and celebrate reasons for being hopeful about the world. SAVE was nominated for the award by readers of GoodThings’ e-magazine, the GoodLetter [].

Earth Island Co-Executive Director John Knox, Journal Editor Gar Smith and Vision Paper President Tom Rymsza hosted a delegation of Japanese papermakers at the World Affiars Council in January. Kuchi University Professor Kazuhiko Sameshima, Kobe Women’s University Professor Emeritus H. Inagaki and Hideo Gotoh, executive managing director of the Japan Kenaf Association, were in the US to pay tribute to EII Founder David Brower, whose last book was printed on tree-free kenaf plant paper.

Joanna (Joanie) Vaile Killian, a strong supporter and member of EII’s International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) and younger sister of Brenda Killian, Executive Director of IMMP’s Dolphin-Safe Monitoring Program, passed away on December 20, 2001. Joanie was an avid animal lover who rescued numerous strays and helped rehabilitate injured wildlife. Over the past 12 years, Joanie donated much of her time, resources and what funds she could to IMMP. Her warmth, sense of humor and compassion for all living things will be missed. [Donations can be made in her memory to EII c/o the “Dolphin-Safe Monitoring Program.”]

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